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Chubby toddler/food help

Okay ladies I need some help/advice. My DD turned 3 in December and she has yet to shed her baby weight she weighed ten lbs at birth. She weighs just under 34 lbs, but since she is really short 36 inches it puts her on the overweight size. My problem is that she gets plenty of exercise and eats healthy, so I don't know what to do. Maybe I'm not sure on what IS really healthy I try to make smart choices but since weight has never been an issue for me, I might not really know what I'm doing!!! Any health nuts out there that could give me some tips on foods to feed DD? We don't do fast food, sugar cereal, soda or any of the obvious nonos.

Re: Chubby toddler/food help

  • 34lbs at 3yrs is ~80th percentile weight-for-age. 36" at 3yrs is ~20th percentile height-for-age.  That combination puts her *just* above 97th percentile for weight-for-length, but *just barely*.

    Honestly, given what you've already said (she's active, you eat healthy), I wouldn't worry.  Especially if her doc isn't worried.

    Keep her active, keep her food choices healthy (lots of veggies, fruits, balanced proteins/fats, wide variety, etc.).

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  • I think she'll outgrow it. My nieces and nephew were so chunky when they were little and now all of them are nice and slim. My nephew was chubby until half way through kindergarten. The girls slimmed up around age 4. I agree agree with PP that if she is active and eats healthy then I wouldn't worry. All kids are different and grow differently.
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  • I agree with everything pp's have said. DS is in the same boat, and pedi recommended switching from whole milk products to reduced fat. Not because it was a problem, but just because he doesn't need the added fat in his diet. I only give my kids milk for two meals a day, water the rest of the day and a glass of juice a few times a week as a treat.... I know for myself I lose track of calories from drinks, so that's the only cut back I have really made.
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  • Yea other than going to low fat milk I would not worry :
  • Our pedi recommends everyone switch to 2 percent milk at 2 and no more than 16 to 20 oz a day, and no juice.  He said to only offer water beyond the 20 oz milk.  We also try to limit goldfish, pretzels, raisins and offer fruit, yogurt, and cereal for snacks most of the time.
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  • As the other posters said, I wouldnt be too concerned if her pedi isnt and she will likely outgrow it. It sounds like you're doing the right things--no fast food, added sugars, etc. If you want extra reassurance you can post what you feed her on an average day and we could give you tips.

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  • YOu're doing all the right things.  My DD was also nearly 10 pounds at birth and in the >97th percentile for weight her whole first year.  She just gradually floated down and I swear she's gained like 2 pounds in the last two years (She's 5.5 now and still just barely over 40 pounds). Mostly likely it will all balance out if she's eating well and active.
  • What kind of stuff is she eating? I agree with others - not a ton of milk (and 2% at that - DS actually has 1% because that's what we drink) and not a lot of processed snacks. Things like produce, cheese, etc. Meals that aren't full of fat and empty carbs. But my guess is she is fine and her height will increase more than her weight over the next couple of years. 
  • DD1 was 34 lbs at two years. I doubt she has gained two lbs in the past year, though. I think she is closing in on 39 inches. I worry about her weight because she still has chubby thighs and a huge belly, but as she gets older and taller, she's been thinning out. Its become less a worry as time goes on. In addition to what PPs have said, also, don't let her know you are worried. They pick up on that stuff, and you don't want her to associate food with shame. I have to watch that, as my mom did that to me.
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