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  • I can't believe our LOs will soon be 2!!!

    We might do either a Mickey Mouse house club or little Einsteins theme since those are his favorite shows.

    The great thing about a May birthday is warm weather, so a cookout in out backyard will be. The only thing that concerns me is how to entertain a bunch of toddlers.
  • We are doing a girly dino theme for DD's family party and an elmo theme for her friend party.



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  • I can't even wrap my head around this yet. I still have 4 months though.


    What are you planning on doing?  

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  • probably the same thing i did for her first birthday party, if i'm honest hahaha.  i saved the happy birthday sign and everything. ;)

     family party in the back yard and cross our fingers we can use the pool.

     i did look up car themes since she is obessed with cars, animals and blocks.  who knows.  maybe i will find a fun game or something.  but there will probably be hardly any kids at it!

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  • We're doing a Milk and Cookies themed party at the park. Not as big as his first birthday in regards to the guest list. There are some really cute milk and cookies party ideas on pintrest.

    On his actual birthday we are taking him to Knotts Berry Farm, they have a lot of rides for a 2 year old and its about half the price of Disneyland. 



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  • We are throwing a shared party again. The theme will probably by Cinco de Mayo since the party is May 5th. Audrey has to share with my graduation celebration since I graduate May 4th. She also shares with DH, MIL and great grandma because they all of birthdays around the same time. 
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  • I think we are going to have a Packers themed party, bc she loves the a packers and then we can grill out at my parents house and just keep it low key with our immediate family. 

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  • We are probably going to have her party at our house---especially for the most part, we will still have a lot of people, and we don't know many 2-3 year olds for a party in a play place.

    However, we need to do a LOT of work to get ready--especially in the backyard. My husband is taking days off in April & May to work on our backyard. We plan on getting her a swing set for her birthday, so we will have it set up and ready before her party as well.  

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  • Im not sure...I want to do a bigger party than her 1st and I really want to get a jumper because she loves them BUT I have the issue of a good friend with 6 grandkids that are kind of wild. Idk what to do because I want DD to have fun but idk how to not invite them. Especially since her daughter talks to me on fb and she will expect to be invited.
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  • We'll do Jack's at a park, just like last year. We have one nearby that is designed for toddlers. DH has 6 great nieces/nephews in town, all 6 and under. We will have those 6 plus 4 or 5 more toddlers so we need room for them to get their energy out. And that place is not my house! :)
  • We're just going to have the immediate family over, probably talk DH into firing up the grill for something, then doing cake and ice cream.  I'm planning on a ducky theme this year, so maybe getting her pool out if it's warm enough and putting rubber duckies in there. 
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  • Baby #2 will be here by May 22 at the latest.  Elena's birthday is May 30....awesome right?  AH!

    I'm going to have some close friends and family over on June 1st so be a birthday/meet the baby party.  Right now I think the theme will be "Tea for Two"...double meaning 2 years old and two little ones.

    So sandwiches, snacks, keeping it light and simple because I will probably be exhausted, maybe do a little twist on Alice in Wonderland and throw some of that theme in there (like pastries that say "eat me" and punch that says "drink me" stuff like that).

  • ^^^^ We're in the same boat. Little miss is due the week of DS's birthday. So we're just having a family dinner a week or two ahead with cake and stuff. He's totally getting the shaft this year. 
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  • I didn't plan on having big parties for LO for most birthdays except the big ones, but some of my family has kind of criticized that.... So since LO's b-day is the 31st I think we are going to have a Memorial Day cookout--although we may be camping on Memorial Day, and in that case we will do it June 1st--and just say we are also going to have a cake for LO and sing to her. That way its not a huge party (cuz I went all out for her first b-day with games and prizes and gift baggies and everything) but the family can also "celebrate" with us.
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