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Hello everyone, I am new to this and in need of advise. My Daughter Kristen will be 2 in 5 days and is REFUSING to talk! I have tried everything. She loves music so I tried recording myself singing the alphabets and different words. I have tried to read stories in a sing song and nothing is working. She does not like to sit and watch T.V. programs so I dont force her to do so but I am at my wits end on getting her to communicate with me. I know she can do it because a couple of words have slipped out before but when I try to get her to repeat them, she sucks her teeth, rolls her eyes, makes weird noises or wave me off. But when she wants something and I dont know what it is, she goes crazy and I get frustrated. Why wont she just say a couple of words and what can I do to encourage speech?? please help!

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  • Have you had her evaluated by Early Intervention?  It is a free service through your county.  I would start there.  If she is refusing to talk than she might qualify.  DD was qualified on her refusal to mimic and her frustration level with communicating at 2.  EI has helped DD - she has since started to mimic and her language has come a long way just in the last year.  The people she has worked with are really good at getting children to communicate, even the most reluctant.   
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  • It seems like she needs some help from a speech therapist to get her to talk. I would bring this up to your pediatrician at your 2 year visit.
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  • Have you had her hearing checked?  A visit to an ENT might be warranted before you take her to speech therapy.  If her hearing is OK then yes, might be time to look into speech therapy.  It sounds like she's quite behind in that respect.
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  • Maybe start some simple sign language to help her communicate. Start with 5 simple words/phrases then build from there. I like more, all done, drink, eat, help, etc as first signs.

    Definitely get her evaluated.
  • Another vote for early intervention evaluation. I hope she starts communicating soon!
  • thanks all for the replys. I had originally thought about doing this a few months back but I thought I was being impatient and figured I'd wait until she turn 2 to see if anything changed. I have a 10 and 8 yr old and they both were very vocal by 15 months so I think I will try a speech therapist. Her hearing is great by the way and her comprehension is excellent. She follows specific directions all the time so she understands everything, she just wont speak. Frustration is the word.
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