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3 year old hate daycare all of a sudden

So I haven't been on this site in a long time but I need some help. 

Our 3 1/2 DD has been going to the same daycare since she was 8 months. She knows all the teachers and has friends that have been there just as long. But lately she has not wanted to go. She is not a shy child so this is not normal for her. And when I say doesn't want to go, I mean kicking and screaming, grabbing on my clothes, having to have a teacher hold her so I can leave. Even the teachers say this is not like her. This all started after Christmas break. She was with me for 2 whole weeks. 

I don't know what to do. We were telling her that if she gave us issues when we dropped her off she wouldn't be allowed to watch cartoons when we got home but that doesn't work. I've tried staying for a few minutes when I drop her off but she still flips out. Ive tried asking her whats wrong, has something happened at school and She just says "school is not fun, I want to stay with mommy"  

any advise you all might have would be great. 

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Re: 3 year old hate daycare all of a sudden

  • Have you sat her down when she is calm and asked her why?  Maybe she is having an issue with another child?  That is what happened to DS1.  
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  • I would ask her teachers to keep a close eye on her during the day.  She's only 3 and can't necessarily explain whatever it is she's going through.  It could be there's another child causing her grief and she doesn't know how to express that.   Also, how is she once she gets to daycare?  Is she happy and normal as usual, or has her behavior changed there?   I would work with her teachers to figure this one out.
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