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Talk to me about Melatonin.

I take melatonin sometimes as a sleep aid for myself.  Have any of your pediatricians ever given the green light to give it to your kids?  Mine has never suggested it but I know that some pedis are okay with it.  

Basically, Emma has inherited the sucky sleep gene from my side of the family.  Her sleep improved after we had her tonsils and adenoids out but she still struggles with being able to fall asleep at night.

I always feel guilty if I give her melatonin (which has only been a few times) but then afterwards, I feel guilty that I don't give it to her more often because she feels so much better after a good nights rest.   

Just looking for your 2 cents.  FWIW, she's 10. 

Re: Talk to me about Melatonin.

  • I'm not sure about melatonin, but I have had family and friends use and suggest Rescue Remedy or Night Remedy.  It's homeopathic and safe to use with children.

    Full disclosure: DH's cousin works for Nelsons, so she sends us a lot of this stuff to try out ;) 

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  • Good morn... well i must say that I  looove Melatonin..its perfect for when its needed..

    And my daughters peditrican is the one who first introduced me to it.. my daughter used to have a time falling asleep. She recommended it and we have not had a problem since.

    Its a natural herb.. its habit forming at all... atleast to us.. we only take it when we have a time falling asleep. But other than that I would def give it the green light for children and adults..

    This is just my opinion and what I have experienced with it...

    Good luck and I hope it works out for you... let me know either way



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  • My nephew is severely autistic/developmentally delayed. His parents give him melatonin to help him sleep and it makes a DRASTIC difference in his behavior during the day.  Before they started giving it to him, he would stay awake all night "banging" (which is his way of self-soothing) but sometimes he wouldn't ever get to sleep at all.  My SIL says that some research indicates that autistic kids don't produce melatonin (or not enough) so its actually a major health concern for them.  I'm not sure about for non-autistic kids but I think you should definitely talk to your pedi.  Seems like a simple fix to me.






  • We received the green light from our developmental pediatrician for our boys. We would put Derek to bed at 8 and he would still be awake at 1 or 2 am which posed a huge problem when we get him up for school at 6:30. The biggest advice she gave us was to start slow and see how he reacted. We found it at Whole Foods with a 1 ml dropper and we give him 1/4 ml every night. If we give him any more than 1/2 ml it makes him hyper kind of like some kids react with benadryll, but the 1/4 works great for him. I would talk to your pedi and see what they think, but I can tell you it changed everything for us for the better.
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  • Melatonin is really good for you (adults) in a lot more ways than the sleep aid. I would assume the same for kids, but def talk to your pedi.
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