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Hi, on Monday I went to the hospital because I was having very strong braxton hicks and I am a FTM so me and my husband didn't know if it was contractions or what. So we go there and the place I chose to assist me in my delivery was Kernodal Clinic. So the woman that is going to do that comes in, after I have a pee test to see if I might have anything going on, and seeing if I am going into labor, she tells me that I am having some contractions, and I do have an irritable uterus and small UTI. Well, she checked my cervix to see if I was opening or something like that, well it hurt really bad. Worse pain up until there I've ever experianced. I'm not opened or anything like that. Well, now my lower area hurts when i walk or move. It's like I can feel my cervix or something and I was wondering if this is normal. But I can't stand the pain, and it's been 2 days now with the pain.    is this normal or should i be concerned?

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