UPDATE #2 as of 2/7/13: The situation I never thought we'd be in


We heard from our SW this morning that the birth parents of baby boy (born 1/24) in foster care through our agency, have picked us as their FIRST CHOICE! They cannot, however, meet with us until next week. They also know that we are scheduled to meet with an expectant mother (due with a baby girl in April) tomorrow afternoon.

The EM is also meeting with 2 other families. Her 3rd and final meeting will be this coming Friday.

Our agency is going to give her the weekend to process her thoughts on all 3 families she met and see what her decision is come Monday. Assuming she doen't want to match with us, we will proceed to meet with the BPs of the baby boy!!!

I have been at work ever since I got the call at 11AM this morning from our SW. I am just in amazement of how God has worked in this whole adoption situation, from our failed match 6 weeks ago to now this with 2 situations.

I just pray that we aren't in a position next week where we are forced to choose between the two because I'm not sure how in the world we would ever handle that.


UPDATE AS OF 2/7/13: We met with the EM due in April yesterday and just LOVED her. She is so sweet, has a very bright future ahead of her, very ambitious about her upcoming educational plans and she's very "put-together" with a ton of family support. We would be honored if she chose us. We connected on a ton of different things and had a lot in common. She will be meeting with her third and final family tomorrow (friday) and we will then get her decision on Monday. If she is still undecided at that time, or she chooses not to match with us, we will proceed with meeting the birth parents to baby boy in foster care immediately after that. For what it's worth, it's the grace of God that's keeping me upright standing on two feet right now because the stress is OUT OF CONTROL.


:::Our Adoption Journey:::

Evan James was born 1/24/13 and matched with us 2/20/13. The LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!

Re: UPDATE #2 as of 2/7/13: The situation I never thought we'd be in

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