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Weaning without milk?

My baby turned one on the 20th. She does not like milk I have tried both regular and almond. Now that I am pregnant again, I think it's time to wean. Has anyone done this without the use of bottles of milk? She has never had a bottle and drinks water from a straw cup.

Re: Weaning without milk?

  • It may be too drastic of a change for your LO...

     You may have to pump and mix your milk with WCM (or which ever you choose). Slowly decrease your milk and increase WCM. My DD didn't like WCM at first either so I started with 1Oz WCM and 5 Oz of formula. She completely transitioned within 2 weeks. And if your LO is doing the straw cup just go with that!

    Good luck! :)

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  • I weaned my first son from the breast when he was almost two, so there's a big difference there because of the age, but he also never took milk, and wasn't getting a bottle at the time.

    What I did was allow the weaning to be somewhat gradual (I was also pregnant, and while I didn't want to continue nursing as much while pregnant, I was ok with a little overlap.) With a two-year-old it's a little easier to use distraction and so forth, instead of nursing when he woke up, he helped me make pancakes. Instead of nursing before bed, we read stories and snuggled together for a while. Maybe you can find somehting she likes and try to bait-and-switch. All-in-all it took about a month and I think he was pretty much completely weaned by the time I was 8 or 9 weeks along.

    Nutritionally, our pedi doesn't stress WCM and has always said as long as he's getting cheese and yogurt, she's fine with him only drinking water. So I wasn't worried about the loss of calories or nutrition.

    Good luck!

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  • She won't eat cheese or Greek yogurt. Haven't tried any other yogurt yet! Thanks for the advice
  • When I was still nursing full time, DD wouldn't drink much milk or water from her sippy cup. I'm assuming it's because she was still getting all the liquids she needed from breastmilk. But as I slowly started weaning her, she gradually drank more and more from her sippy cup. Now I only breastfeed once a day and she takes plenty of milk and water from a sippy cup or a straw cup.
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