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Evergreen Midwifery Center is awesome

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Evergreen midwives group is so great!! If you haven't chosen an OB/DOC/Midwife yet, they are super!

Check them out. https://www.evergreenhealth.com/for_patients/medical_services/family_maternity_center/midwifery_care

First time parents due April 14, 2012

Re: Evergreen Midwifery Center is awesome

  • I second this! We are going through the midwives and we're so happy with everything!
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  • I'm going here also and can't say enough nice things.  Even though they see pregnant women all day long, they still get excited for you about every milestone.  The assistants are super sweet.  They are also really easy to schedule with.  I've had no trouble fitting all my appointments in around mine and my husband's work schedule.
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