We're all home

we're all home, we got home Saturday afternoon. The boys are good, they're keeping me busy.
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Re: We're all home

  • Congrats! Thinking of you in the coming weeks
  • Congrats!! Boys are so much fun! Thinking of you also.
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  • I am sure you are busy!! Best of luck with everything, and happiness for you and your boys.  Hope you recover from the c-section.
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  • Glad y'all are home!! I really hope I can have twins one day. Hope your mending well and things continue to go well!
  • Glad the boys are doing well.  Thinking of you. 
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  • Glad to hear you are home! I am thinking about you three as well, hoping you are feeling good and healing well. I'd say, "and getting good rest" but TWINS so... Big Smile
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  • Great news, I'm so glad the boys are doing well.

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  • From one twin mommy to another - sleep when they sleep... seriously.... its all about survival right now.   Don't worry about anything else.  Just get enough sleep so you can function when they are awake.

    and a lot of MoM's swear by 1 up, both up.. but honestly, I found it easier to stagger the feedings by 15-30 min.  I just couldn't handle 2 babies screaming for food both at same time. Then I got a little bit of 1:1 time with each baby too while other one slept.

    Thinking and still praying for you and your boys. 

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