waiting over a year

This ties in with the waiting to adopt check in.  I hope no one is annoyed by my redundant post, but how many of us having been waiting longer than a year?   

me-  February becomes month 15.  

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Re: waiting over a year

  • We started this process 4 years ago, been waiting for 3 1/2...
  • 14.5 months. We are getting on a second agency's waiting list as soon as we have the paperwork completed.
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  • This month we hit the year mark with our HS being completed, although we didn't really start advertising until April of last year.  We will start advertising again, I am hoping this week since I just had the conference call with my new lawyer.

    Failed Matches - December 2012, May 2013, December 2013
    Moved on to  gestational surrogacy with a family friend who is our angel and due 7/23/15

  • We started the DIA process 2 years ago this month.  Officially waiting 15 months.
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  • I was just wondering if you could tell me why 3 1/2 years.  Are you working with an agency or just on your own.  I didn't know people wait that long, but maybe I need a reality check.
    7/18/12-1st RE appointment CD2 blood work taken. Told to move straight to IVF. Starting BC pills and FSH injections plus Lupron. Hopefully doing ET in September Off BCP March 2011 Started TTC July 2011 7 months TTC with no luck an then.... Diagnosed 2/24/12 with 2 Ovarian Cysts. 3/22/12-Lap to remove cysts, look for endo, and see if tubes are clear. 3/22/12-Diagnosed with Severe Endo(tubes are clear). 4/4/12-Post op OBGYN appointment. Told chances of conceiving naturally are very low, but told conceiving in the next few months is our best chance due to being cleaned out during Lap. Referred to a RE. RE said IVF is our only chance to get pregnant. Told only a 20% chance even with two put in. 9/5-Lupron 9/20 Stims(Menopur & Follistim) 9/30 Trigger time 10/2 ER 10/3 fert report-out of 7 eggs retrieved only 2 fertilized. Hello "Thing 1 and Thing 2!" Kinda sad there is none to freeze. Because only 2 we will have 2DT to get them back into a natural envionment 10/4 ET. Found out that only 1 divided. We love you "Thing 2." Thing 1 is now snuggled inside me and we are praying it will be our take home baby! **Did not even make it to my beta, the day before on 10/16/12 I got my F'in period** Such a stab in the heart. Nov 2012-Moving onto domestic newborn adoption! Can't wait for my take home baby. We will try IVF again after 1-2 years of a clear head. Need a break from infertility treatments/issues for my mental sanity! image
  • imagewaiting2bamom:
    We started this process 4 years ago, been waiting for 3 1/2...

    Are you using an agency?   This seems soooo long :(    

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  • Yup. Granted, we started out in an international program before they shut it down. We've been active in the DIA program for 2 1/2 years. We had a failed match back in August, so we're back to waiting.
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