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Outdoor activities for weight loss while watching 3yr old

I watch my 3yr old niece 2 days a week. I am also trying to lose weight and want to find activities to do outdoors with her. She has a ton of energy and is a lot of fun.  Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to entertain her and lose weight at the same time?

Re: Outdoor activities for weight loss while watching 3yr old

  • go for a walk, play basketball, hopscotch, if it's warm enough go for a bike ride, play tag in the yard, hide and go seek.
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  • Anything you do that looks like fun to them they will want to do too.  When I try to exercise to a workout video DD is right there doing squats or whatever too.  So, there is a ton you can do.

    - go for a walk: sometimes DD and I race each other, hop, jump, skip during our walks

    - shovel snow:  DD and I just had a blast doing that.  Ok, DD had a blast, I didn't have so much fun.

    - Ride bikes, set up an obstacle course for you both to run through (I use my boot camp as inspiration because half the stuff they do in class DD does for fun at home), if the LO doesn't want to be active then pull them in a wagon or run with them in a stroller, go to the park if it is nice and play with him/her, go roller skating (DD has trainer skates), DH does pushups with DD on his back, play ball (basketball, t-ball, catch, etc.), play tag, play red light/green light and take turns being the caller, etc., etc.  

    Those are just a few of the things that my DD loves to do.

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  • Thanks all this helps a lot :)
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