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Good morning, Bumpies.  I'm not pregnant yet, but I have bipolar disorder and currently take Paxil 40 mg, Seroquel 100 mg, and Ambien and Klonopin as needed. I'd like some feedback on what you took during your pregnancy if you heard either depression, panic disorder, or bipolar, and how baby was. Thank you very much in advance.

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  • I'm bipolar. The only thing I was allowed to take was Zoloft. It wasn't easy but I had a great team of doctors who helped me through everything.

    good luck! 

  • I have panic disorder and decided not to take any medication during pregnancy (before getting PG I had Ativan and Ambien to take on an as needed basis). Believe it or not my panic/anxiety actually improved while I was pregnant. It never went away completely, but it was like the volume got turned down. LO turned out great and is such a sweetheart!

    FWIW, if I had needed medication my doctor says that Zoloft is very safe and lots of studies have been done regarding its safety during PG so I'd inquire as to whether that might help you.

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  • I have bipolar as well as anxiety. With DS (now 13 mths) and this pregnancy as well, I stopped taking everything while TTC. Pregnancy itself was ok the first time (this time is iffy), but afterwards was horrible. All those hormones just start surging through your body after you deliver. I was horribly depressed for months. I BF and pumped for 3weeks but then I couldn't take it anymore, I had to get back on my meds. It took a good 2 months to get back to "normal". After this baby is born, I plan to only BF for a week or two.I need to get back on my meds asap, it wasn't good for me or DS. My OB put me on zoloft after I had DS but my psych ARNP said that's actually known to make bipolar worse. After I had him is when the paranoid thoughts started- what if I hurt my baby, what if something happens to the baby, wht if he gets too hot, what if we crashed off a bridge and I couldn't get to him... they just went on and on. It was awful, so we had to do a lot of med tweaking over the past year. They said it wasn't post partum psychosis because I knew and could acknowledge that my thoughts were irrational and inappropriate. Pregnancy in itself is an emotional rollercoaster, but it can be so much harder when you live with a mental illness. Good luck! :)
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  • I'm way way late to this but, I have bipolar.  My doc took me off my meds slowly 4 months prior to TTC then wanted me off them completely before TTC.  I was monitored closely.

    Thankfully we got pregnant our first month TTC.  Throughout my pregnancy I felt 1000 times better than I ever had.  I was also forewarned that I was at a higher risk for PPD due to my bipolar.

    About 2 days PP I crashed, and I crashed hard.  I didn't want to believe it so I hid it, how I managed I have no idea.  I finally reached a point where I couldn't handle it anymore, not to mention MH could tell I was symptomatic.  I was put back on my meds on the 11th of this month.

    I am currently on the same meds I was on prior.  Ativan, Zoloft and Lamictal.

    Whatever you and your doctor decide is best for you, just know your mental health is what's important.

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