How will you/did you pick your child's name?

Maybe this is sort of random but how did you come up with your child's name? Did you and your SO pick it, did you take any input from EM?

I had a dream that we adopted a boy (DIA) and the birth mother wouldn't sign the termination papers because she hated the name we'd chosen. Yup.. my dreams are that irrational. 

I'd love to hear how you ladies picked...

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Re: How will you/did you pick your child's name?

  • Well, I had been thinking about names for years.  Seriously.  I bought a bunch of baby names books and would look on baby names sites.  I came up with a list of names I liked.  I had DH go through them and tell me which ones he liked.  We talked about it, and then we narrowed it down (eventually) to two boy names and two girl names.  About a month before DD was due, her birthmom asked us if we had thought of any names, so we shared them with her.  We didn't know if she was having a boy or girl.  She didn't really comment on either boy name, but she preferred one of the girl names.  She also asked what we thought of that name with her middle name as the baby's middle name if it happened to be a girl.  We liked it and said yes. 

    She did have a baby girl, our daughter, and her first name starts with the same letter as her birthmom (Z) and she shares her middle name with her birthmom and her birthgrandma.  We love it :)

    She hadn't said anything else about names (if she had picked any) and I guess I was afraid at the time to ask.  Not sure exactly why I was afraid but I was.  At the hospital she actually gave DD a different first name (same middle name) and we were surprised.  Not upset (we had no right to be upset) but just surprised.  We were caught off guard, I guess.  We talked about it with DD's birthmom's caseworker because I wondered if we should leave her name as it was given to her by her birthmom.  (This was the day following the baby's birth and DD's birthmom had already left the hospital.)  Her CW said that she (DD's birthmom) was aware of our choice and was okay with it; she just wanted to give her this name.  I was truly unsure of what we should do - we were torn.  But in the end we decided to go with the name with had all talked about and agreed we liked. 




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  • We haven't adopted yet, but we have a list of names we've been working on since before we got married (10 years ago).  We have a girl name in particular that we have our hearts set on, so I hope it won't be a problem.  

    I hear you on the crazy adoption anxiety dreams!  You are not alone.   

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  • DH and I had chosen a boy and girl name that we loved while going through fertility treatments. We asked DS's birthmom if she wanted to choose his middle name and she did. 

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  • We haven't absolutely decided on any but we've talked about it a lot recently. We went back and forth a lot on boy names but since EM found out she was having a girl we've mostly been talking girl names. I've always thought about maybe narrowing our choices down to 3 or 4 and letting EM pick. We haven't specifically discussed names with her yet but DH and I only agree on 3 names right now. One of the names that we like as a first name happens to be my MN and we found out yesterday that this is also EM's MN, so we may end up using that. I think in any situation we would probably have a few to choose from when discussing them with EM in case she absolutely hated one of them.

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  • We talked about it as a couple and decided on a name that we liked. We wanted to use BM's middle name as LO's middle name. We talked to her BM about names because we didn't want to change her name and cause any conflict. She said that she was going to name her Claire when she was thinking about parenting, but that she liked the name that we had chosen. We told her that we wanted her to choose which middle name she liked the best. Either Claire or BM's middle name. She ended up choosing her middle name, so now LO shares a middle name with her BM. We were hoping that she would choose that one because we wanted to use it as a little tribute to her.
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  • We come up with names here and there.  We both agree on a girl's name right now which is Norah.  Boy's names we do not really have a set name yet.
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  • We had some lists of names and then when we found out that PBM was having a boy, we made a short list of boys names. Before we met her and were officially matched, we found out that she had a name for the baby and that she called him by that name whenever she talked about him. But, we didn't know what it was until we met her. During our first meeting, just a few weeks before he was born, she kept calling him "Ryan." When DH and I left our meeting and got in the car, we both immediately talked about it and decided that we loved the name and that we wanted to keep it. She had given him a middle name but we changed that to a family name. His BM sobbed when I told her that we wanted to keep his name as Ryan. It's so him and I wouldn't change it for anything!!!!
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  • We had been tossing around names for years. We finally settled on one a few months after we were placed with DD. I had seen it, DH sorta liked it, then he saw a actress with that name and said, "That's the one."

    DD's birthmom had already named her so her BC wouldn't just say Baby Girl X. She asked what our name idea was, and was thrilled with our suggestion.

  • Our dd's Bm wanted us to pick her name, but she openly hated the name the ap's picked when they adopted her son. So we gave her a few we liked an she chose. We named her middle name after bms middle name. It was also Dhs moms middle name who died In 05.
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  • We kept their first names as chosen by BM.  We changed 2 middle names (kept one BM chose b/c we loved it and had significance to us) and changed all of their last names.
  • DH and I went through some baby name websites and narrowed it down to 2 girl names and 2 boy names (since we didn't know the gender until delivery).  DD's middle name is DH's grandmother's name.  We were open to the BM having input and some EPs we spoke with seemed to really want that..but DD's BM didn't seem to care.  We were happy that she liked the name we chose though.  If she didn't like it, I think I would have felt the need to change it.
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  • We are keeping their first names, because we are adopting from foster care.  IF we had adopted an infant, we may have changed it.  We also talked about changing their names if they were really horrible, or just changing the spelling of a uniquely spelled name or word.  We are okay with their names although it was not our first choice.  We will change their last name.
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  •  We adopted internationally, so it was a little different, but we changed DS's name. We absolutely hated DS's birth name (and he was never called by it in the orphanage), but I couldn't bring myself to take it away. So, Kiddo has 2 middle names. I chose a name, DH chose a name and we kept his birth name as a middle name. He'll be 12 before he can spell them all, but it was a good compromise for us :)
  • We had names picked out for years. When we were waiting, we narrowed girl names to our top three. When we met BM for the first time, she asked if she could have input into her name, which kind of threw us off. She then said she wanted to help choose the middle name. When she told us the name she liked, we fell in love with it.

    We told her our top three first names. She told us which one she liked the best. We ended up going with another first name, but kept the middle name she chose.  

    We were in the delivery room with her during the birth and while she labored, she wanted to know the name we chose. When we told her, she said she loved it and cried. She put it on the birth certificate, but obviously with her last name. 

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  • We gave our son's birth parents a top 10 list of names and asked them to eliminate 3 or 4. Then we asked them to choose the middle name. Once they eliminated the first name choices they didn't love, we picked our top 3. They had a list of 3 middle names.

    Once he was born, we figured one of the names would jump out but it didn't. After the first day or two, I decided to look up meanings, and one of the names meant, "joined together in harmony" so we picked that one because I thought it was super sweet in light of how we all came together. They picked the middle name that went best with that first name (and it happened to be the one we loved most!) and that was that.

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  • We're planning to adopt a toddler from China, so our kiddo will already have a name. We're planning to give him/her an "American" first name and use his/her Chinese given name as a middle name. I'd love to use a family name in some way, whether than means two middle names or just a family name as the first name.

    For a girl, I have SO many names picked out that I love. For a boy... nothing seems quite right yet.

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