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THE PHONE!!! & Working Moms.

Okay, so a month or so back my MIL's boyfriend let DS play Angry Birds on his phone. Since then it's been a growing problem. First we started setting timers, like 10 mins and he knows when the alarm goes off he's done playing and he only gets to play in reward to good behavior. The problem is growing, he's starting to throw bigger fits and I can't stand it. Any ideas? I really want to just take the phone away from him altogether but I don't want it to be a constant battle.


Also, I have just started back to work part-time and I'm in school part-time (plus planning our wedding). I feel like this is taking a huge toll on DS and I. I've been trying to make the best of every moment I have with him but I am starting to become depressed. He acts out a lot more with me now. I feel like he's upset. Any ideas to help bond, help him understand, help me feel at peace, etc. 


Re: THE PHONE!!! & Working Moms.

  • We had a similar problem with DD1 when she was around 2 1/2 with the TV. We'd put kids film on for her from our USB stick.

    She knew that we could put them on anytime and it would turn into a huge nag fest. We had time limits, but it became an all consuming battle everyday.

    In the end I got rid of the USB stick for a while. I just told her that it was gone. She grumbled for a couple of days and then she was over it.

    We've since reintroduced it, but she's much more accepting of the limits we've put on her TV viewing. 

    So my advice would be to just take the phone away. Just say, "no phone today." and head out for a walk/read a book/kick a ball around/do some drawing or whatever. Get some housework done and let him entertain himself, or help out. Do some gardening and get him out in the yard helping out. Basically re-engage him with everyday life.

    I don't think TV?computer games are awful in small doses, but I do think children really struggle with the time limits being set, because these things are so addictive. 

    Good luck 

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  • My DS is my tech junkie and I'm not sure how old your LO is but between 2 1/2 & 3,  DS was in a similar spot- tons of crying when the TV got turned off, whining to use the ipad & crying when it got turned off, etc...  My advice would be to stick with what you're doing- timers are especially handy in my house for all sorts of things & my DS responds well to them. He only gets the ipad in the evening and only if he has a good day at daycare- this helped us a lot when we were having some drop off problems with him. Interestingly, I would say by just over 3, he stopped this behavior. We did turn off TV or take away the ipad if he didn't do what we asked (he has to share ipad w/ sister, no hitting it, etc) and stuck to it. He also does not get to play with the ipad every day, though they do watch TV most days at some point. If you're giving in to his crying over the phone at all, it is probably just fueling it.

    I think I'd severely limit the use for a couple weeks with strict rules about when & for how long (if at all) and see if it calms him at all. Good luck!

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  • DD is this way with TV. Our rule has been that if she pitches a fit when her show is over she doesn't get to watch it the next day. That worked for a while but right now she has been getting worse about it for some reason so we are on a total TV break. I'm not sure what it is about TV but even a little bit tends to throw her behavior out of whack.
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  • LO will be 3 at the end of this month. Thank you so much, I think I'm going to severely limit it for a few weeks and phase it out altogether eventually and then re-instate our rules, and maybe make it a consistent time everyday he gets to use it like at the end of the day if he's had a good day. When he first started using the phone he'd play with the toddler educational games and it wouldn't be a problem getting the phone from him at the end of the timer. After he learned about Angry Birds is when he started this obsession. I think I will also delete Angry Birds from my phone and FI's.  

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