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Last home study meeting was Thursday.  Just needed to do our infant CPR class this morning.  Final step is done and now all we can do is wait.  I think we will get our approval in the mail in about a week or two and then we will be put up on our agency website and our paper profile can start getting sent out to birth moms who are due soon.  My husband told me once the home study was done I could start on the nursery.  I know some people do it right away and some people wait because it makes them too sad just sitting there.  I feel like after unexpected infertility and IVF not working, the nursery is a sign of hope that one day we will have our sweet baby.  I am actually excited to have a project like this and can not wait to get started.  I would rather have it finished then get a last min call about a situation and have to bring a baby home to a room that is not done...having to paint with a newborn and worry about furniture.  I would rather have it done and ready for when we get matched ...ect.  I know when I am a new mom, the last thing I will want to do is rush around trying to get things ready.  Now I have time to perfect it all :)  We are doing a nautical theme to play off our wedding theme and so we are painting the room Tiffany blue which is gender neutral.  If it is a girl we will use white and pink accents for the room and if it is a boy we will use navy blue and white accents with the room.  I am so excited to finally move on!  I don't care how long it takes!
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Re: Final step complete

  • Congrats and that sounds lovely!!!

    We're doing Under the Sea (I'm a paddleboarder  and obsessed with marine life and my husband is a scuba diver), so we want to do something around that. We have the bedding picked out, we're going to paint the walls a gender neutral purple and then accent in greens, blues, and oranges. But--- we're waiting. Until the baby is born.

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  • We did the same thing. We waited until we were active to start working on it. We did it here and there. When we were matched, we weren't quite done and spent the following three weekends hurriedly getting it done.

    It helped me, thinking I was doing something I could get excited about during the wait. It also was nice not to have to do anything when we brought DD home.

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  • As someone who had no idea that I was getting children and found out literally days before they came home. I would start the nursery. It is difficult to juggle the new baby and get everything ready at the same time. If it will not make you sad, I would start now to make the inital transition easier.

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