Home study visit this Wednesday!

Our first and only home study visit will be this Wednesday!  We are ready - mostly.  I'm excited and nervous at the same time.  Hoping to finish the rest of our paperwork and hand everything to her when she comes.  I really hope things go smoothly.  I'll let you know later this week how it went!

 How long after your home study visit until your home study was complete?  She said it would take 2-3 weeks to get us a draft.  Then we have to approve it and then the final copy will be completed.  Hoping we don't run into any major bumps.  I'm super excited to be done with the home study and move on to the next step.



Re: Home study visit this Wednesday!

  • Yay! Our SW told us it would take her about a month to write it up- that would put us sometime around 2/13 and then we have to start signing things etc. The homestudy though (We had a one shot visit) was awesome. It was almost fun...



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  • Congrats!

    It took about a month. Our SW was the only one in the office we used, so she handled everything from HSs to placements to info sessions.

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  • We had our home study visit on 12/29 and we received the draft within 10 days (that's the agency's policy).  We are not yet finalized, though, because of two documents -- a background check from the state I went to college and my birth certificate -- which we just got today!  We didn't know we needed these documents (as I was never officially a resident of that state and we used different forms of ID for the initial steps of the adoption [and not my B.C.]).  Anyway, we are comfortable with a slower timeline, so it doesn't bother us.  But those are the snags we ran into.  

    Good luck!   

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