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Good (cheap) childcare in Atlanta?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a reputable child care facility (great infant care) in the city of Atlanta?  It would be great to find a place that doesn't cost me an entire month's salary.  At this point I'm open to in-home care, as well.  Your help would be greatly appreciated!  :)

Re: Good (cheap) childcare in Atlanta?

  • I dont know if this info helps you...but I put an ad on and and found my amazing nanny for $9.00 an hour for part time care.  My neighbor has had pretty good experience with this too.  These sites do most of the background check for you and a lot of ladies on there have their own in-home daycares as well...since you can search by your zip will have a good chance of finding someone near you...good luck with your search.  I had no idea childcare was going to be so expensive!
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  • Thanks so much!  I'll definitely check it out.  

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