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Has anyone delivered at Hillcrest?
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Re: Hillcrest Hospital

  • I had a C-Section there and it was by far the best experience I ever had there. The nurses and doctors were soo nice and when we have our next child, I will definitely be having my baby there! :)
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  • Glad to hear positive stories! =) I was going to stay with Lakewood Hospital but that is a 45+ minute drive. Hillcrest is much closer! 
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  • I had an emergency c-section there with DD then VBAC there with DS. Both experiences were great. 
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  • I just gave birth there 5 weeks ago. We loved the nurses, and the rooms (L&D and post partum) were great. The food is pretty good also, although lunch and dinner menus are the same so we had friends bring us dinner. The only complaints I had were:

    1. The toilet paper was really thin and rough - not great when recovering from delivery!

    2. The hospital bed was not very comfortable for a side sleeper - but I've never stayed in a hospital bed before, so maybe this is always the case?

    3. When it came time to actually leave, it seemed like the nurse disappeared and we weren't really clear on what was going on. In the end, everything worked out though.

    I would definitely recommend Hillcrest. 

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  • I had a c-section there with my first child (almost 3 years ago) and I had an incredibly positive experience.  The nursing staff there was fantastic.  I will be delivering my twins there as well, and they upgraded their NICU to a much higher level so I'm very happy.  Absolutely no question I would deliver there again.
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  • With my first I delivered at Lake West. This time around I will be delivering at hillcrest. I am a cleveland Clinic employee and work at Hillcrest On there Ob Floor for about 2 years! Working there helped in my decision a lot! I got to see how things were done, how things got cleaned and I got to experience the people! I wouldnt choose anywhere else!
  • I'll be delivering there in July with Dr. Alvarez! :)
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