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I was diagnosed 3 years ago with Lupus, and my doctor said my pregnancy with my first LO may have triggered it. However, my health has beyond greatly deteriorated this pregnancy; I was recently loosely diagnosed with MS as well, and I am being sent to a cardiologist for a moderate heart murmur and a neurologist for residual brain trauma from a seizure I had in 2006. So as I'm telling my family that lives in Georgia all of this [we live in WA], my dad's mother insists on telling me that I am being punished and that I am the embarrassment of the family. Does anyone have some ice cream? Or a bottle of wine they're willing to hold for me until May/June?
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Re: just a little vent

  • I'm sorry that they are telling you that you are being punished and that you are an embarrassment to the family. It sounds like they aren't taking your health and your reasons for placement to heart, and instead are focusing on their feelings only and taking it out on you in return. Is there someone you can speak with to help you work through the feelings you are having in response to the things they are saying?

  • Hard and scary things- those autoimmune things as well as being pregnant. I'm sorry your family is unsupportive. That's heartbreaking. I do hope you are able to have some good friends to talk with and that you also have a professional in your network of support who can help you and also assist you in finding the language to combat the negativity of your family. Much love.
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  • imagefredalina:
    Oh, no. I have a lupus related illness too so I'll just hug you gently and since I don't drink, your booze is safe with me. Except the heaviest bottle which I may knock your family upside the head with.

    Love you fred!
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  • (( Hugs )) I'm sorry that is rough.  That is awful that your dad's mother said that.  I'm so sorry that you're having these health challenges, thoughts and prayers for you. Oh, and ice cream too. I'm sending you virtual ice cream.

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  • ugh.  so sorry you have family that is making your life worse vs. better.  Loved Fred's answer.  Hang in there mama and hope all of your medical issues get a little easier soon.

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