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Any suggestions on Pediatricians?

Any suggestions on pediatricians? I heard Dr. Marc Fisher on the westbank is good.I live on the westbank.
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Re: Any suggestions on Pediatricians?

  • No recs for the Westbank, but I go to Hales pediatrics on Prytania, by Touro.  I've seen all the doctors now (you can stick with one or rotate, it's up to you), and like them all.

    They're great about getting back to you with questions the same day (luckily I haven't had many just yet), and are nice and knowledgeable.

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  • I second Hales Pediatrics--they're great!  We've been taking our 4-month old there since she was born.  I delivered at Touro and they came to check on the baby every day while we were in the hospital.  They have been great about returning phone calls within an hour.  It's also nice that there are 5 doctors to choose from so if you find that you don't like one of them you can choose to see one of the others (at least for well-visits).  It's also nice that they have separate waiting areas for sick kids and healthy kids and for infants.  
  • I don't know of any on the westbank but I take my daughter to ochsner pediatrics and I love all the doctors there but she sees Dr. Reymond and Dr. Parkerson.
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