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anyone have experience with this?  my daughter has been a pretty easy two-year old, but this whole week has been pretty rough.  she flips out about everything when we are out in public!  at the co-op school class we take, she lost it in the gym because a few things went wrong (ie she took an innocent fall or dropped something). then at storytime yesterday I sat her on the bench with the other kids to listen and she looked down and was all weepy the whole time, and even when I sat her on my lap instead she did the same thing.  wouldn't even join in on the fun at the end of the storytime to sing her favorite song.  then today at soccer she flipped out - and I mean flipped out! - everytime she lost the ball, and she didn't want to do any of the activities.  from my perspective, it seems to be a sudden loss of security - sometimes she seems to be looking to see if people are watching her do some of the soccer moves, but then looks down and doesn't seem to want to make eye contact with anyone.  I am a sahm with a 6-month old also, and of course I expect her to go through stages, but this doesn't seem to be related to the younger sibling.  it's REALLY hard to deal with out in public. really teaches you to not judge anyone! I am proud of my parenting skills, but when everyone is starting at me like, what are you going to do about your screaming toddler who is scaring my toddler?!, it's mortifying!  I guess my question is, in your experience, is this a stage like most things?  or is it related to something that i'm doing or not doing?  I work so hard at trying to give her confidence and it suddenly seems like she has none!  tia for any advice or stories you share!   
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Re: tantrums

  • it sounds like a stage to me

    my 2 year old can be super dramatic and fall apart like that in public too - especially at group activities - that's why we've put swimming on hold for awhile now (because she went from loving it to screaming and refusing to do any of the activities).

    From what I've heard it's a stage & they will grow out of it - 2 is a difficult age as they are trying to express what they way/don't want - but don't really have the patience or understanding to do it calmly all of the time

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