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3 yo with blotchy skin/hives on face that comes and goes

Hi! I hope someone can help me. My almost 3 yo DD was sick with a cold last weekend and is better now. But for the last 4 days her skin would become blotchy (mainly on her face and upper chest) at random times and as quickly as it comes it also goes away that quickly.  I also noticed this can happen on her hands and feet at times too and there's no rhyme or reason to it.  It's almost like hives but not raised.  I don't think it is an allergy because we have not done anything differently and she never had sensitive skin. I took her to the pedi yesterday who didn't say much about it since it doesn't seem to bother her but maybe it is viral related.  Has anyone experienced this? I'm just wondering how long this will last! Thanks so much!

Re: 3 yo with blotchy skin/hives on face that comes and goes

  • Yes. Our daughter would get random, almost welt looking marks on her face. They were slightly raised and would come out of no where. she would also get blotchy as you described. Her doc said it was a "touch of something viral" and if it comes and doesnt go away then bring her back. I wouldnt worry about it. Lexie went through it for a couple of weeks then it just stopped and she was never bothered by it.
  • It could be eczema. This condition takes many forms and can resemble other skin conditions. My neighbor's 3 year old gets it all over his legs and its round and looks like hives sometimes. My son gets it on his cheeks. Try putting lotion or vaseline on your childs skin several times a day and see if it helps! Also avoid soap and bubble baths. Just use water to clean the affected area (or you could try a special type of soap.) This has helped my son who gets it on his cheeks especially since it is so dry here. 
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