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DS is almost 40 pounds

I fell off the CD wagon in late October.  Morning sickness was kicking in and DS suddenly grew and I was unprepared.  Instead of ordering more it was nice to just use sposies for a little bit.  Then we got busy with the holidays.  Then he showed a lot of interest in potty training so I wanted to see how that went.  It's going decent but we certainly still need them for naps and night time, even errands and I am getting so sick of buying sposies. 

DS weighs 36 pounds and I know the weight limits are only approximate.  He's always needed to size up before hitting the weight limit, he's got a bit of a wide bottom.  We would only need this size for a few months, the goal being day time trained by the time #2 comes in June but I need something that goes past 40 pounds.  And I need something totally natural because I've got immensely hard water and every time I try microfiber I end up with stink issues.

Anyone have suggestions?

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Re: DS is almost 40 pounds

  • prefolds and blueberry covers?!? Maybe buy one to try first?  If it's only for naps, it wouldn't be expensive.  A hemp prefold for ON?


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  • Toddler prefolds from Green Mtn. Diapers and Bummis X-Large covers. You could probably get away with just getting three covers and 12 prefolds.
  • FuzziBunz large or XL stuffed with bamboo instead of the microfiber it comes with?

    Or the GMD XL prefolds or workhorses and a Bummis cover.

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  • Could you get some toddler trainers and just use extra inserts?

    And, ygpm

  • I've been debating trying the Kissaluvs pocket trainers at night. I'm sure DD2 is going to outgrow our OS pockets before she's night trained. I think the 3T goes to 40 lbs.
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  • image sosoph:

    Could you get some toddler trainers and just use extra inserts?

    And, ygpm

    That is a good idea.

    And replied.  Smile

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  • My son is 3637 pounds and B4 Oversize fitteds fit him quite nicely.
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