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Falls and lower back pain - What helps?

Fell shoveling the snow off my car today. Think I bruised my tail bone. Going to the doc tomorrow to make sure all is well but any ideas on what can ease the pain to get through the night? Heating pad, ice pack?

Re: Falls and lower back pain - What helps?

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    And Tylenol!
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    In my opinion heat is better for achy pain and Ice is better for sharp pain... so it depends on what your feeling. I hope all is well! 
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    The doctor won't do anything for a bruised tailbone, or even for a broken pelvis (if that was the case). All you can do is pain control. IMO, I wouldn't even go to the doctor. Try Tylenol, heat or ice, and laying on your side with a pillow behind your back to keep from laying on your back. Find a position that you're comfortable in and stick with it. These things heal on their own.

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    Thank you, I'm trying the heating pad first and hoping that will do it. Appreciate the advice, this is my first!  = ) 
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    I would probably do an ice pack and some tylenol. A heating pad might actually make it worse.
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    Thank you, I used a heating pad on my mid back and it seemed to work. You all were right my doctor just did a good exam, and told me what i thought, that it was nothing too too serious. But she did say the painful cramps in my stomach could cause early contractions, I was told to relax and do bed rest. I didn't know that, that could happen when im only 19 weeks. I have heard, it could happen when you are a few weeks away from your due date. But oh well I will do what ever i need to, so it is bed rest and movies for me this weekend.

     Thank you again for all your advise!

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