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Converting Snaps

 I bought most of my diapers used from e-bay, so i wasn't concerned about  snaps vs velcro.  I only have 4 velcro pockets which isn't enough.  I am going to  talk to day cares next week and show/ ask if they'll use the diapers.   I'm sure they'll prefer Velcro vs. Snaps- but do most day cares that take cloth take snaps as well?  If not, i'm trying to plan.   If i buy a snap replacement kit  do you think i could attach the snaps to the velcro and attach it to the snaps on the diaper there for converting it  for day care purposes?  I don't want  to buy more diapers if i dont have to. (well, DH doesnt want me to buy more if i dont have to.)
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