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BabyJogger stoller

Oi.  I'm in the market to get a new stroller.  Right now we are doing the Graco/SnapnGo system but she is quickly outgrowing it.  I' deciding between the BOB, the Valco and the BabyJogger. 

Now for the life of me, I can't find the BabyJogger to test drive...I think REI may have it but do you ladies 1)have any input about which stroller to get and 2) where I can even find the BabyJogger City Elite or Mini? 

I'm not quite the "runner" but would like to have a stoller just case and use the stroller for long walks and the mall. 


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  • I have the Baby Jogger City Mini, but, of course, I have it in the double.  You're welcome to come play with it if you want though.  It's a great double stroller choice for anyone in that market.  It has an easy and compact fold.  It's also easy to steer with one hand, and it's light.  It doesn't have inflatable tires, and I thought I'd be disappointed by that, but we've rolled over enough broken glass on walks that I'm pretty happy it has hard rubber tires.

    A lot of my singleton mom friends have BOBs and completely love them.  One might need an SUV to hold it though.  It's not the smallest folded stroller. 

    Have you checked out Bumbleride? 

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  • We have the BOB and I love it. I've gotten quite good at folding it, although now that she is done with needed the carseat adapter, we don't take it in the car much. We use a smaller stroller in stores and tight places; the BOB is sort of big, but it does handle like a dream. We did get a flat tire though.

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  • No actual advice, but a random fact is that one of the students who designed the BOB lives and works in Portland. He's a great guy :)
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  • I've used the BOB and the Valco with babies I used to care for and really liked both, they're all great strollers.
  • the BOB is awsome, i dont know what part of Oregon you live in but i am here in EUgene, and Fletchers for Children has an awsome selection they are a bit pricy but are worth it for what you get
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