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Can snaps fit as well as aplix?

I keep looking at newborn covers with snaps and they look sturdier, but it seems like snaps can't give you as many size options as the aplix covers. Am I over-thinking this? I am thinking of buying 24 prefolds and 6-8 Thirsties covers to start, and then see where we go from there. DH thinks the AIOs seem a lot easier and more like disposables, but they seem so expensive for just a few weeks or months of wear!

Thank you all so much for your help! Before coming to this board I felt totally overwhelmed by cloth and now I'm getting close to buying my first diapers :)

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Re: Can snaps fit as well as aplix?

  • I like the fit I get with aplix, but I do NOT like Thirsties aplix.


  • I had good luck with snaps in the NB stage. My fave was Imse Vimse soft cover in snaps. Aplix gave a good fit too, but the snaps are easier to deal with if you machine wash them. I also like prefolds b/c of the ease of washing, rinsing and drying. Also, cotton fitteds in size 0 are great for NB - those are getting a lot of use at our house.
  • My RaR NB covers were all aplix, so I can't compare directly, but we loved it, so adjustable. Our grovia NB AIO she was between snaps twice and either leaked or had red marks during that stage. For whatever reason, maybe stretchier fabric, we didn't have that problem with the snaps on lil joeys.
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  • Just an FYI, my son outgrew the absorbency (not the fit, they would probably fit even now) of most of his newborn AIOs at 2 weeks old.  They were not 'easier' because they were more prone to leaks.  Covers and prefolds or fitteds contain the runny newborn poo so much better!  

    Also, I have the snap version of Thrsties duo, Rumparooz newborn covers and Blueberry mini coveralls and love the snaps.   They seem very durable, don't snag anything in the wash,  and I have no problems getting a good fit.  As he has grown, sometimes one side of the snaps will have to be a snap looser than the other side, making it look a little crooked, but it woks fine.

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