1st Trimester

Oct 2nd Due Date!

Anyone else??


I have a little bit of nausea, on and off. Boobs don't really hurt yet. REALLY tired. And minor cramping that feels like I'm going to start my period and it's freaking me out!!!!  

Re: Oct 2nd Due Date!

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    I have the same due date! Very similar symtoms, only my ovaries are hurting too. This was my first morning with minor nausea. 
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    My Due date is October 3rd! Congrats to you too! My breasts are sensitive and I feel a little light headed at times. Not much nausea yet either, I have those cramps as well. It is a bit unnerving. Good luck to you both
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    October 4th here!  Nausea, some heartburt, and my boobs are KILLING me.  


    GL to y'all! 

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    October 6th here! Boobs are killing me! Keep trying to remind myself it's a good thing!
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    Due Oct 1st!
    This is my 5th pregnancy and every single one was different. Most of them I hardly had morning sickness. But this time I am nausea unless I'm laying down or sleeping.
    Good luck
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    I'm Oct 2 or 3. I am still on progesterone from IVF so my girls are hurting and cramping is constant. I have started putting snacks in my purse but do far no puking just a little nausea. 
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    Woo! October 2nd! 

    I've been having slight nausea, sore boobs and occasional burning nip sensation, minor cramps that almost feel like my period might be coming, and some heartburn. I can't wait for my first OB appointment so I can just make sure everything is alright! 

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    Boobs hurt. A little nausea. Hungry and tired:) it's my second child and my stomach is already sticking out just enough that I'm going to have to stop wearing tight clothes! We'd like to keep it a secret til the second tri, but at this rate that would be a miracle! Sigh. 
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    October 4th! No nausea but constantly hungry. Boobs are on/off again sore, super emotional now too. And I keep getting a cramp on my left side from sudden movement but it quickly goes away.
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    October 2nd here too!!

     Last week the cramping was really bad, but this week it has subsided quite a bit. I only get a few waves here and there. Yesterday was the first day I had some queasiness but feel fine today. My breasts are really tender, but not overly sore. I am so tired though! I can barely make it to my bedtime at night and don't want to get up in the morning!

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    10.2.2013 due date here too... and its mine and my husband's 3rd wedding anniversary!

    I also am having what feels like period cramps, and am dizzy a lot. No nausea yet though.
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    I'm due the 1st!  I haven't went to the doctor yet but i made my appt [feb 13]!

    My boobs have been sore since before my missed period. I have felt very little nausea. I've been pretty tired and cramping as well. This is my second baby [i have a three in a half year old] so I can kind of tell something not normal in my body. I just found out a few nights ago.

    I'm trying not to get excited, we have been trying for over a year so I'm just waiting for my period to start, can't wait to have my doctor tell me I'm preggo! I think I will then feel like I can get excited!

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    This is my 2nd as well and i feel like i have a little sticking out. I have heard you get bigger faster then if its your 1st kid. maybe that is true? have you made your doctor visit yet?
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    Yes, with each child, your uterus expands faster kinda like "muscle memory". I'm nervous to start wearing my poofy vests because some of my friends know that was a trick I used to hide my belly in my first pregnancy!
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