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Have any of you with pets noticed a change in their behavior since becoming PG? My cat has always been somewhat cuddly and affectionate, but he's gotten even more so as my pregnancy progresses. Lately he's been following me around everywhere and wants to sleep on my belly. This makes me a little nervous because I've heard animals can sense things and I wonder if he knows something I don't know about possible impending labor... I'm curious to see how he will act once LO gets here because he is a mama's cat. 
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  • Yup. Our dog had always been super snuggly but he has gotten more so with me since I became pregnant. They say that pregnant women give off a different scent that animals can pick up on and they'll tend to relate the two things with future pregnancies. Also, you're probably acting differently and not realizing it but your cat does. Animals are cool about sensing things. Our dog also follows me EVERYWHERE. I swear I step on his paws at least twice a day because he is practically walking under my feet. I'm not concerned about him becoming mean when baby arrives but maybe sad because the attention he receives will be different. I don't know if this would be helpful with a cat, but we were told to try ignoring our dog sometimes when he wants attention so he will start to understand that he can't have it all the time.
  • My dog has always been a cuddler with me.  Even before I got a + test he has wanted nothing to do with me.  He does want to cuddle with DH now and he did not before.
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  • It's hard to say what's affecting my cats and I wish I remembered how they reacted the last two times.

    I had a very anti-social cat that basically only came out for attention when my kids were asleep, but over the past few months she has just blossomed socially. She still does't like my kids, but she'll wander out and pester me while they run around, get comfortable within their reach and just watch them. If she's comfortable on my lap, she'll even let them pet her now. It was a huge shock and a huge change for a 9 year old cat that hasn't been social since she was a kitten.

    Not sure whether to blame her attachment to me and the pregnancy, or just her realizing the kids aren't going to hurt her now that they're bigger.

    FWIW, I had a big mama's boy that would curl up and sleep with my LO if I let him. Of course, he might've done that because his "mama" (my OTHER cat) would do that (I allowed it only when my LOs napped in my sight). She mothered everything in the house (she raised a puppy and two kittens), so it wasn't a huge surprise that she adopted my babies as hers as well and would watch over them for me. I loved that when they started to cry she'd come and get me and wouldn't leave me alone until I responded.

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  • I have wondered the same thing - do they know something I don't? But chalk it up to our hormones, their natural instincts, and the milk producing hormone that's likely going crazy in our bodies.. My SO who works from home tells me the cats act very strange when I'm around now - and they do tend to follow me everywhere these days! 
  • Our dogs are both 15 years old so we have not been sure if the changes are from their age or my pregnancy, but our smallest dog has always been my sidekick but even more so since i got pregnant a lot of times i turn around and step on her or if i stop real quick she runs into me!  and she started peeing in the house after 15 years right before we found out we were expecting, so i dont know if maybe she was picking up hormones that changed her behavior or what, but now we get up at least once sometimes twice a night to take her out, which is getting us ready for getting up with baby!

  • Yes. I have two dogs. One is practically velcroed to me. The other has gotten very protective. She's constinantly on the watch staring out the window. If anyone walks by she barks. She was never like that before I got pregnant. She's never aggressive just very alert and wants to make sure people know she's watching out for us. They do say animals can sense pregnancy. They have babies too after all, they know what's going on. But like the pp said, you should ignore a clingy pet sometimes. That way they won't be totally taken back when baby comes and they can't be on our lap 24/7 anymore. They can slowly adjust to make the transition easier.
  • It's more annoying than anything. Don't get me wrong, I love that my cat is affectionate (this is the first cat I've had that's actually liked me). He isn't totally attached to my hip, but when I'm in bed he's usually there too. He even managed to head butt the bathroom door open just to sit in there with me today... He does cuddle with DH a lot so maybe they can bond after LO arrives.
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  • I was just gonna post something similar to this. 


    We have 3 dogs. All of them have always been attention hogs and love people. We have 2 big dogs and a lil dog ( who thinks he's big). The last month or so I've been sleeping on the couch because it reclines. Well all of our dogs have their own beds, the 2 bigs guys have nice big orthopedic beds and the lil guy well he sleeps in bed with us. Since I've been sleeping on the couch all of them have been in there with me. The 2 big guys at the foot of the recliner and the lil guy right at my side. No big deal really, I love them all to pieces. But not only are they much more clingly they are way more protective. They watch every move I make and are right there next to me. The lil one especially doesn't want anyone by me. If anyone gets up in the middle of the night, other than me, the dogs act as if I'm being attacked. 


    So yes I think are fur babies have a way better sense of what's coming than we do!!

  • No change at all in my dog's behavior. 

  • Ours changed but then were prett chill for a while. Now the one is soooo clingy. I am dreading going home right now that's how bad it is! She wants to be held constantly. She cries If you aren't touching her. I can't even just go to the bathroom in peace.
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  • My dog follows me around everywhere now. He'll lay at my feet or in the doorway to my bedroom. Its like he's gotten more protective of me. But my dad's dog has been very stand offish with me. She refuses to come near me, and has even snapped at me a couple of times! She was never like that before I was pregnant.
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