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Looking for Denver RE recommendations

Hello. :)  I'm new here. We are trying to pick an RE to start working with.  I think I'm leaning towards Dr. Bush with Conceptions.  Any opinions?  Recommendations?  We live in Mead (north of Longmont) so North Denver area would be good.  TIA! :) 

Re: Looking for Denver RE recommendations

  • Actually, I've had two friends go to Dr. Bush. They both spoke highly of him. One friend had twins, the other just had her second. Good luck!
  • I was a Dr. Bush patient and although depending on your care you dont see the actual doctor all the time, everything went well with my care and their office. One downside is that not all services are offered at the Lafayette office and we had to go to the main Littleton facility for a procedure once and it was quite a drive. I would definitely recommend Conceptions. If we decide to try for another I will definitely be going back.
  • Oh and good luck to you guys!!!
  • Thanks ladies!  I have heard mostly great things about Dr. Bush so I think that is where we'll start for now.  Thanks for the well wishes! :)
  • I went to Dr. Bush at Conceptions.   They have an office near Good Sam Hospital.  I am currently 25 1/2 weeks pregnant thanks to them!!!
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  • The staff at the North Conceptions location was awesome; we loved everyone there with the exception of Dr. Bush.  He is a very intelligent man, knows his stuff, and we totally trusted the care we were getting but he has a tendency to talk over patients heads and he is not the most empathetic doctor I've ever had.  We had friends who were also working with Dr. Bush and they felt the same way about him.

    A couple of things you should know about care at Conceptions:

    • Weekend procedures and IVF procedures have to be done at their Littleton location.  It's a crummy drive when you live North of Denver and it will seem like you constantly hit weekend dates
    • They offer a cash discount for patients paying out of pocket; loved that
    • They are quite a bit more affordable than CCRM

    Unfortunately for us, Conceptions was not able to fulfill our dream. After 2 failed IVFs with Conceptions we went to CCRM and Dr. Schoolcraft for a second opinion.  Thanks to CCRM we are finally expecting!

    At CCRM we love our doctor but the staff is a joke.  They never know who you are and you have to be an expert in your own care to make sure they don't screw anything up.  It is really frustrating to work with their nurses.

    I wish we had been successful with Conceptions; it would have totally made up for all those long drives to Littleton and the fact that Dr. Bush had a less than desirable bedside manner.

    Best of luck to you!

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  • I used the ARM clinic at University.  Dr Alvaro is a specialist for Endo- which was our issues, and they have some of the top Uro docs there- right next door (which we needed for DH)  Also- it was nice that my RE Dr was a fellow- they all have to "serve time" for lack of a better word, treating MFI next door so that they understand the full gamet.

    Just in case that is something that affects you.

    Dr. Alvaro has performed 3 laps on me with my endo and is continuing to treat me, even though we will no longer be pursuing any fertility treatments.  That was my main reason for choosing them over the CCRM's of the world.

     I have a beautiful little 8 month old boy thanks to them and all their hard work and hugs and tears. Good luck!

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    Break due to DH deployment
    Lap #7 Dec 2010- this time my Colon was adhered to my abdominal wall
    Since the start of our journey, new issues along with original Endo, 3 MFI unexplained, Cervical Stenosis, AMH .08, Low AFC, 2 blocked tubes
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  • I saw Dr Bush and am currently pg with twins. He is excellent, though a little like a car salesman at first. He answered our prayers in less then a year when I had spent nearly 7 before that working with another clinic. Best of luck!
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