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S/O WCM - anyone not giving it?

is anyone else *not* doing a whole lot of cow's milk?

I'm still breastfeeding twice a day, and DS is pretty chunky. He gets yogurt and cheese. Our pediatrician didn't seem to think that cow's milk is something that we need to get him drinking. We'll give him bits of it here and there but I'm not planning on having it be a major part of his daily calories.

My first son never accepted the cow's milk, still doesn't drink it at all, and the ped never had a problem with that either so long as he was getting a balanced diet otherwise.

My sons are both part Japanese and I know that people of Asian descent (my DH included) often have problems digesting dairy. That's another reason why I've never pushed it with DS1.

anyone else opting to not stress the WCM?

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Re: S/O WCM - anyone not giving it?

  • We are offering WCM a couple of times a day, but we're lucky if DD has more than a sip.  She does not like it and usually spits it out.  I'm not stressed about it, she's still BF and she loves cheese.  We'll just keep offering. 

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  • We really aren't doing it either. She still nurses a few times a day and when the pedi asked me about it she said that was great. Didn't even mention offering cows milk instead
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  • Z is still nursing 3ish times a day so we arent doing a whole lot of WCM either. The nanny mixes some in with his bottles, but I think maybe only an ounce or so.

    I like that I am still able to nurse, so Im not pushing him, plus he eats cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese so I figure he is getting the best of both milk worlds.

  • imageFarmBoysWife:
    We aren't nursing but James hasn't had a drop of WCM. We do other more nutritious types of milk. 
  • imageFarmBoysWife:
    We aren't nursing but James hasn't had a drop of WCM. We do other more nutritious types of milk. 

    whoa sorry for the multiple posts. I'm a spaz, apparently.

    FBW I'm intrigued - what other milks are you giving?

  • imageFarmBoysWife:
    Goat and coconut, we spend 12.78 a week on it gallon of wcm is 4.56

    ha. funny how things you'd never dream of "splurging" on before kids suddenly become something you don't think twice about!

  • Still haven't given WCM.  She is still nursing a lot and my mom will have goats milk for me by April.  I might introduce it then.  My sisters and I had WCM allergies as kids so that definitely makes me hesitate to introduce it.
  • No cow's milk here either.  We tried it and she didn't like it.  But she also doesn't take a bottle at all and won't drink BM from a sippy cup. Soooo I still nurse her plenty. 
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