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Update to PTL/PIH

So to make a long drawn out story short and sweet. 24 hour urine came back @ 207 (which apparently is good!), BP's were still a little less than to be desired but contractions were much less frequent so sent home to see doc in a couple days...

Fast forward to today... get there and my BP is 150's/90's (highest it's been so far) with +1 protein in my urine dip (doh!) and this is a day after resting and not doing much else.

Here I sit at home, ordered for more rest (not bedrest YET, per se). I go back to see the doc on Monday.... oy vey. I know that PIH turned pre-e doesn't just "go away" with rest. I'm hoping I can keep this LO in there for at least another couple of weeks!

Any STM"s with stories of PIH or pre-e that dragged on for weeks before birth and all was well? Would love to hear them! Thank you for all the well-wishes on my original post! It means a lot!

mc 5/3/2012, gone, but always in our hearts! <3

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Re: Update to PTL/PIH

  • With DD#1 I was monitored for hbp from 29wks. I also did the 24 hr. urine test and had good results. I had NSTs 2x week until I delivered. I only had 2 hbp readings.. and never over 140's/90's. I was induced 10 days past due (my choice). She weighed 8lbs. 9oz. and was healthy.

    This pg. I recently started 2x weekly NSTs because I had two hbp readings close to 140/90. My pre-e bloodwork came back with good results. I've been asked to take my bp at home daily in between NST appointments. My bp has been great Big Smile. Good luck!! Feel free to PM me, if you want someone to talk to about PIH.



  • I was admitted to hospital last Thursday when my blood pressure got a little high.  Luckily my protein keeps going between +1 and trace.  So I'm at home on bedrest monitoring BP, urine and looking for other symptoms.  LO is about 6lbs now, so I'm not as concerned if they decide he needs to come early.  My nurse did tell me she had PIH and delivered at 36 weeks no problems.

    Good Luck! 

    *** DS born February 21, 2013 - Toronto, Canada  ***
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