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Doggie Guilt

Is anyone else experiencing this? My two dogs have been totally neglected in the last month or so... it's winter in Michigan and I'm as big as a house and just can't get them out for walks like I used to, they're entertaining themselves in the yard as best as they can, and I feel so guilty! Needless to say we take a lot of naps together...

Re: Doggie Guilt

  • Me!! Ours is unfortunately still a puppy so with the cold/yucky weather and me not feeling as much like running around outside with her she's unfortunately getting restless and sometimes destructive when she is in the house.  We're working on combating this by doing nightly trick drills.  Hopefully it works!



  • Me too! Mine is 5 and is used to going on walks almost everyday. When we don't go, he lays around looking all depressed.  Goldens are really good at this by the way. Thankfully it's 60 in jersey today, so we got to go, but even when we do walk, they are much shorter, I can't last more than 30-40 minutes without having to use the bathroom myself!
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  • My dogs are still my babies but life definitely changed after the baby came!

    My shih tzu was used to going in a walk every night and morning and she had a really hard time when that changed. We still went a lot this past summer but its just too cold for DS in the winter and I'm too pregnant to go on my own.

    They have definitely adjusted now and still very loved and taken care of. Now they still love going on walks but at least it's not expected twice a day!


  • My guy too! We used to go for walks everyday, but lately I have seen some male intact dogs running around and I no longer feel safe wandering too far from home.  Granted we are moving very soon and my dog is 10+ years old so he will be alright for a little while longer.
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  • Yes.  Our weather this year has been SO atrocious .. As in, no snow cover at all.  Yet the salt trucks are still out and about spreading salt and grit on the bare pavement.  Which, as you can imagine, gets picked up by the dogs paws .. and if they're not hobbling around because a sharp piece got stuck in a paw, then it's getting kicked-up into their fur to the point where they almost need a bath after we get back (or it gets tracked all over the house)!  Not worth it.

    When we do get any precipitation, it's been rain, which keeps things pretty mucky out there.  Very few dry days or days where there's clean snow to walk on.  But what can you do, other than wait for spring to arrive?!

    At least they get lots of bathroom breaks outside and are getting two regular meals a day.  There are dogs out there (sadly) in much worse situations.  I figure that our two have it easy by comparison! 

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  • Thankfully (knock on wood) it hasn't been really bad here in NYC this winter so far. Even though I am not dealing with snow it is cold and dark by the time I get home from work.  So between that and me being exhausted after a full day of work the last thing I want to do is walk my dog.  I feel bad for him but I am definitely slacking in that dept.

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  • Oh I take lots of naps with my two dogs and they seem to love our nap times. Since we live in an apartment we have to walk them, I walk them in the mornings and DH at night. I used to walk them 30min to an hour but I can't do that now so they don't get that much time outside since I'm getting tired sooner on walks. 
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  • I've got this happening at my house too. She keeps giving me her puppy eyes and it's making me feel so guilty! We used to go for a run or walk in any weather, but I just can't do it now. At least she'll settle for me throwing her toy and snuggling.
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