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Postpartum Depression

Scared I wont feel the same about #2

So Im going to just jump right in. With my DD I had PPD and I had depression even before her. There has been a lot of stress with this pregnancy (money,SO's feelings,living situations,how DD will adapt) and Im about 19 weeks along and....I just dont feel the same...I dont really feel that much of a connection with this LO....Maybe its because the enviorment I live in now or the feeling of being unprepared just dont feel like anything... :( advice?

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Re: Scared I wont feel the same about #2

  • I had a very difficult pregnancy last year with my daughter.  It ended in a scheduled c-section.  My husband was gone 6 months for military training and money has always been a concern because I was on 8 months bed rest and am now a stay at home mom.  I had depression during the pregnancy.  The best thing I did was get in and talk to a counselor who specialized in depression during and after pregnancy.  At first, I was offended when my Dr. suggested it, but now I am grateful she forced the issue with me.  I still see my counselor and have ppd.  My counselor told me that if you have depression during pregnancy your chance of ppd will increase.  However, I have had a rough case of it, but the moment my daughter was born. I loved her and all feeling of disconnection were gone.  I felt great.  It was about 10 days after her birth that I had a hard time again.  Don't worry, you will still connect and love your baby just the same.  Sometimes, we just need a little more help and that it fine.
  • I am going through exactly the same as you but I had my DS 6 months ago. Also, with DD, 8 years ago, I didn't have PPD...I LOVED every second of motherhood. She was a very easy baby! I have to be honest, I am struggling everyday to get through the day without a breakdown. Between DH becoming lazy, unemployed, & things being so tough with him & DD going through some changes with her attitude on top of DS NSTTN....I am exhausted, angry, anxious, depressed, & hate that I have to do it all again tomorrow.

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