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Micro scooters mini or maxi

DD is super frustrated on her Razor and I regret not getting the Micro last year. She is probably 40.5 inches and 36lbs so pretty average for a just turned 4 girl. I checked them out in a store the other day and the Maxi they had on display is a pilot stick so I cannot tell if she could handle it, it seemed too big. I hate that she might outgrow it in two years but the mini is the right one for me to get, right?
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Re: Micro scooters mini or maxi

  • Charlie got the Mini when he was 2 and just got the Maxi for christmas at 4. The Mini doesn't have an adjustable handle, and he was getting too tall for it. I would get the Maxi, they aren't cheap and you'll get a lot more use out of it. I don't think she'd last two years with the Mini.
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