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nerf guns

ok, so i'm the crazy mom that really doesn't want the boys to have guns... esp not this young.  but my cousins' son has a nerf gun they LOVE to play with.  DH really wants to get them one (they have gift cards from christmas)

what are your thoughts?  how old were your kids when they got their first nerf guns?  


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  • I don't like it either but I've had to let go. His teachers assure me that its a boy thing and even tho they have a no weapons rule, they will turn anything into a gun/sword/slingshot. We have loosened up on nerf and laser guns but he cannot point them at people.






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  • I am not into guns as well but would be ok with Nerf.  Ethan has not happened to play with one yet, but I would be ok with it.  It is so true about how they play at school- my kids turn anything into a gun.  We have a rule in our classroom that we don't play guns though and they are pretty good about it.  Today a little boy made a soldier and he had a gun.  I didn't say anything about that one.  Soliders really do have guns and he was so descriptive when telling me about his creation.  lol  I don't like it when they are playing and pretending to shoot either.

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  • I'm not a fan either.  I didn't let my daughter have a nerf gun until 7 years old.  She had to understand you don't point it at people's face, it is only a toy etc etc.


    With my son... we'll see he is only a baby right now.


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