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? for those who pump

Do you clean your pump parts after every use? I pump 6 to 8 times a day and washing my parts everytime is getting extremely annoying and time consuming. I think I have read somewhere that you can leave the parts in the fridge between uses? Any suggestions?
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Re: ? for those who pump

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    Nope. I don't even rinse between uses. I just wipe down with a burp cloth I keep in my diaper bag, stick in a ziplock, and put in my cooler/fridge. 

    This. I wash before I go to bed.


  • I definitely don't "wash" them every time. Sometimes I just rinse and put them on the bottle rack to dry. I do have the Medela breast pump wipes that I use when I pump at work so I don't have to go to a sink with them. I just make sure to give them a good wash once or twice a day.
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  • I clean mine if I have time during the day but if I don't then I just put it in the fridge and change out the bottles once they are full. Otherwise I clean them first thing in the morning before I pump and also my last pump at night.
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  • I rinse, but I also have a full room at my disposal (the upside of working in a hotel).  When I'm out visiting clients, I wipe down with the Medela sani cloths and keep them in my cooler.
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  • Much like the PP I have three sets and wash after every use when at home, and sterilize too. I've only been back at work one day but I brought two sets for three pump sessions and used the Medela wipes after each session, putting everything in a ziplock in the fridge after.
  • Ehh, breastmilk can be left out for 8-10 hours at room temp so I just leave all my crap set up in one of the changing rooms in our department with a towel over them and wash once I get home at night.
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