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Thoughts and Opinions Welcomed!

My friend is a school teacher and is studying at a nearby university to become a ABA therapist. She has informed me that DS's school is planning to have a preschool class full of students with autism.

IT is a nice idea but I would rather DS be in a mainstream classroom with a trained and well educated special ed teacher. I want DS to be around students that are social since he is not.

I know the school will think DS would belong since he has PDD NOS.

Has anyone experienced this? Is this a situation that will crash and burn? What are your thoughts?


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Re: Thoughts and Opinions Welcomed!

  • More clearly, what is "early intensive intervention?"
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  • Thank you, Auntie!


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  • Does your school district have PPCD. Its an early education program for ages 35 with disabilities and developmental delays, or ASD/Aspergers/PDDNOS. The include many means of therapyspeech,OT/PT,ABA incorporated into a preschool curriculum/environments. it is to help them prepare and somewhat adapt to going into a mainstream classroom. Some will still need some help in mainstream classes and will have a teacher's aid to help in needed areas. this varies due to each child being diffrent.

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