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From bm to formula at 10mos- HELP

I need help.


I will be leaving my husband and son next month for one 8 days. I do not have any breast milk saved and I don't produce enough to pump my milk. Plus if I stimulate my supply, I will need to continue to pump when I'm away and that is not really an option.  He will be 11 months when I'm gone. Yes, I know it would be ideal to make it to that 1 year mark and I'm bummed that wont happen. 

I need sound advice, on how exactly to get my now 10 month old to start taking formula. I have tried different brands. None effect his tummy per say, but he will not drink it, most likely because of taste. We are skipping the bottle and using a sippy-cup. He will drink formula if I blend in a little banana and strawberry, but will not drink it at all if it is plain. I feel like it is too much fruit/sugar for such a young one to continue to make smoothies every time he is drinking formula.

Because of his age and exclusively breastfeeding- he is fighting this change and I'm desperate. 

Thank you so much for your advice.  

Re: From bm to formula at 10mos- HELP

  • Check with your pedi and see if maybe whole cows milk is OK now? I've also heard of people giving almond milk.
  • I did ask and she seemed set on 12 months. Which I am not set on that exact month. The problem is I do think 10 months is too early for cows milk. and it is very important that we start to wean now. So that he will be used to eating something other than breast milk and so that my supply is dried up.

    I actually drink almond milk- but I worry that is not calorie/fat dense enough.  

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  • I am in the same postion. DD is 10 months old, and my ped gave me the green light to start to introduce cows milk. I know every ped is different and have different ideas, but I trust mine and I have been giving her only about 4oz a day to replace one of her feedings.  I never had an oversupply, and like yours, she wasnt interested in a sippy cup or a bottle. It took a week maybe to have her drink from either. and even still, to drink the milk she prefers a bottle which i'm fine with. I'm still a bit nervous to give her as much cows milk as you would formula simply because of some of the things I read.     I'm having some issues with her waking up at night now and either comfort sucking or actually drinking and i'm trying to decide if I should give her some formula before bed, or even milk.  From what I understand, as long as you are feeding your LO iron rich foods, and even maybe letting her drink from your boob even though you give her milk/formula I think it should work out.  It is frustrating and you have to be patient.. but they will come around.  DD hated the taste of cows milk, took about 4 tries and now she drinks it all.
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  • THanks Silvie!

    I think at 10 1/2 months I will introduce a little WCM- because this formula stuff is $$$! I panic a little with the # of ounces they need 24-32 (I think)....right now I have him on 3 smoothies (fomula and banana) 6oz each and most of the time he wont finish. Plus breastfed 3x per day. I worry he is hungry, but I think that is just the mom in me. I know it will take time.... I was just hoping for a tip that would make this transition flawless- wishful thinking :) We have been at it for a month... and I at times I'm so worried it will never happen! but thank you for your response!  

  • I understand wanting to follow your ped's advice but sometimes you just have to do what's best for you and your child (obviously within reason).  When my DD#1 was 9 months old I got pregnant w/DD#2.  I was EBF and didn't want to give formula at all, but my milk supply tanked after a few weeks of being pregnant.  She pretty much weaned herself right around 11 months.  She did NOT want to BF anymore and I was hardly producing any milk.  I only had to give her one total can of formula when she was 11 months old and then I switched to WCM.  Ped's usually OK WCM when babies turn 1 because they are already eating a lot of solids and should be getting their main nutrition other places.  IMO 11 months is pretty close to 12 months and you should be fine.  

    Of course the decision is all yours but does your DD also eat yogurt and cheese and other dairy items?

    Personally I think switching to WCM right before age 1 is not a big deal.  Good luck. 

  • What about trying goats milk? It's not as hard on the LO's tummy as cows milk and there is less chance of an allergy. It's more expensive than cow's milk but is probably pretty comparable to the price of formula, especially if you're mixing it with fruit right now. Also I don't know anything about them at all formulas but don't they make toddler formulas too? Maybe they have a better taste? Also what about coconut milk? Just throwing things out there.

    If all else fails and I was in your shoes I would probably try whole cows milk. Your LO is close to a year old.
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  • I am in the same position as you are.  I don't know how much time you have but I decided to do it very slowly because a) I have time before I go bavk to work and b)  I want to lengthen our nursing relationship so it is taking me quite a while (we are still in the process). I have decided to start weaning my 10.5 mo.  I decided to go with Nestle Good Start, mostly because I have heard success stories with EBF babies (or maybe it was just luck?).  I started with one bottle a day for about 4 days.  I chose his mid-morning nursing because he is just generally in a better mood in the morning.  I started doing 50:50 BM:formula for 3 days first, he took the bottle pretty well to my surprise so on day 4 I decided to do 100% formula.  Right now we are at 2 bottles of 100% formula a day and 2 nursing sessions during the day.  He still fights me someimes and does not always finish his bottles but I think that is because he is finally eating more solids.



  • I don't have anything real solid advice wise, but I wanted to add that I also think it's okay to try some WCM pre-1 year if you think it will work for your LO.  It's not like the day they turn 1 they are suddenly ready for it you know?  Some babies are probably ready to wean at, say, 10 months, while others aren't ready until 13 or 14.  Do what you think is best!

    Anyway, my only two thoughts are a) try mixing either formula or WCM will BM... start off with mostly BM and work your way up.  Maybe this way you can get him used to it gradually.  And b) I was told at LO 9 month appointment that she needs a minimum of 16oz of formula a day through a year.  I just thought I'd throw that number out there in case you were looking for a goal amount or something.  I've also read 20oz as a minimum on here. 


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