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Just want to get an idea...

How long does it usually take for a child to get pretty stably PT? We have stayed home for the past two weeks, and she has maybe 1-2 accidents a day, but I know eventually we'll have to leave the house to go shopping and whatnot, and I don't know when we'll ever be able to do that...Any experienced PT-er's remember how long it took for your LO to be potty trained fully?
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Re: Just want to get an idea...

  • I think it depends on the kid. Mine had absolutely no interest in the potty AT ALL until she decided she was ready to use it and that was it for us. She rarely had an accident and we started going out immediately. The last few weeks (after 4 months of hardly any problems) she has regressed a bit but it is only at home because she doesn't want to stop what she is doing and she doesn't like to be told that she needs to go potty. Se does fine at daycare and we just got back from vacation and she did fine. 

    My friend's kiddo has een interested in the potty for a while so she would sit on there occasionally and do her thing but still be in diapers to pull ups. After a few weeks they pulled the pull up and she is doing fine.

     With only 1-2 accidents a day I wouldn't stay at home. Just take extra clothes. The thing that helped us a lot is having a travel potty. Ours is both a stand alone potty and toilet ring so we can use it in the car (initially she wanted nothing to do with public restrooms) or on the toilet at the store. If it had not been for that we would have not been able to be so mobile so quickly since she hated public restrooms so much.  

    This is the one we have and I use Wal-mart diaper sacks (50 for $2) with it:

    Link doesn't work but it is the Kalencom 2-in1 Potette Plus and itis $12 on Amazon.

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