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Tigger is going to be the death of me

Any time Jon plays video games he bounces.  I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm going to have  hole in my floor soon. I've limited time on them *George and I fight about this.  He doesn't see it as a bad thing *says the man with Aspergers*.  I have him jumping on a memory foam bath mat and he jumps right off of it.  Any suggestions?

Re: Tigger is going to be the death of me

  • Do you still have a crib mattress?  It has been working great here.  
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  • I gave my cribs and mattresses away.  My niece uses one crib and George's cousin's son uses the 2nd.  

     I have talked to him about him sitting still and Jon responds with "I can't.  It's like there's a motor in there that I can't control." 

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  • Playroom mats? The interlocking ones that you get from Walmart, they may increase the buffer zone until he gets the revs on his "motor" down.


  • I was going to suggest a small trampoline before playing.

    MIL was going to get DS one and we said no. I know our OT uses one with DS but we don't have room for it since we live in a small apartment.

    I am no expert and the trampoline could be costly.

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  • Thank you!  I talk to him every time he plays.  I have tried to avoid and have him not play but it is difficult...I'll have to look into the trampoline.
  • image-auntie-:

    "Talk to him".

    How do you approach it? Do you do a full Social Story written specifically for him and this situation?

    What do you say? Are you able to tell him that this looks weird to other people? Or do you just ask him to stop?

    DS had a lot of stigmatizing behaviors as at this age. One of the hardest things for me, at that time, was to redirect odd behavior that "wasn't hurting anyone". It felt like criticism of a kid who was constantly being redirected and prompted and was struggling to make sense of things. But as his psych pointed out, it was hurting someone. It was hurting DS. His inappropriate and unexpected behavior was a barrier between him and typical kids. I know your situation is different, you have more on your plate and you have a house full of kids so my sense of urgency around social skills may be more extreme than yours needs to be.

    I know this is a small stakes thing, but learning to control this impulse will help him when he needs to regulate himself around other interests and activities. He needs to learn to do this if you anticipate a place in the mainstream world as a teen and adult.

    I'm all in favor of getting the wiggles out first. A tramp, if he's a joint compression kid, would be a good thing. BUt if that doesn't work, you may need a behaviorist to help you put a more ABA style plan in place to fade the behavior.

    Honestly, I just talk to him about how it looks weird and I don't want people to make fun of him.  I also have just plain told him to stop.  

    He tends to be a seeker...flappy and jumpy are common with him.  When he's excited he flaps and when he needs input, he jumps.  I brought up some other issues with the developmental pediatrician and her response to him was simply "Jon, stop biting your arm.", for example *yes, he was doing this*.  I want him to be able to be around kids and not "look like the odd one".  I know you understand me.  He (and Matthew) are in Boy Scouts...I signed them up because you said it helped your son.  They are the only 2 boys in their small group with special needs and one of the kids is just plain nasty to the boys.  The den leader has talked to the other boys about it.  I am thinking of asking the den leader if we can make a group "disabilities awareness" belt loop and pin so help as well.


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