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The Pill after 35?

Hi all- I'm new to this board but have been around the Knot/the Bump for a while.  Hope you don't mind me popping in to ask this question.  I am 35 and just gave birth to my first child last month.  I have my 6 week pp appointment soon and figured I would just go back on the pill, since it worked well for me before.  I am not breastfeeding (that's a whole other post..) so I think any pill would be an option.  But it just occurred to me that pill commercials say "Women who are over 35 and (or?) who smoke should not use the pill."  Is it just 35+ smokers or women over 35 at all who shouldn't use the pill?  I will obviously ask my doctor but just wondering.. what have other people decided to do.  We are not sure if we want another child, but if we do, we will want to try in about 2-3 years. 
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Re: The Pill after 35?

  • I just turned 40 and my doctor put me on the pill because I have horrible periods.  I have never smoked and she didn't seem concerned.
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    I was on the pill until I conceived my son at 39. Took a break for both pregnancies, and had a mirena IUD put in at 41, 8 weeks after DD was born. I don't smoke, so my gyn fully supported me. Don't want to sound preachy, but if you are a smoker, it's good motivation to quit!!
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  • I think the chance for blood clots increases after 35.  I was put back on the pill after having DS.  I was 35.  I was on it for about a year then went off because we are TTC.  My doctor never said anything about being on BCP over the age of 35.

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  • I know it has to do with higher risk of blood clots but do not know the details.  I went off the pill after 20 some odd years at 34 and never went back on.  After DD #1 was born when I was 35, we knew we would try again within a year or 2 so just used nasty old condoms for the years and we got a BFP just after my DD31's 1st birthday and then had a tubal when DD#2 was born via c-section.
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  • Thanks all!  Don't worry, I am not a smoker!  I appreciate the input.  As long as my doctor says it's ok, I think I'll get back on the pill..
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  • I just had this discussion with my Gyn and it is woman over 35 and/or woman who smoke. The risk for blood clots is increased for both groups regardless but increases even more if you are 35 and smoke. My Dr prescribed me a mini pill so there would be less risk.
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  • I am nearly 43 and on the pill--LoEstrin24Fe.  My OB wanted me on the LoLoesterin but I bled for 2 weeks and broke out, so I'm back on the regular version. I have my annual in a few weeks and will discuss how to lessen risks of blood clots as I am not going to get an IUD--the pill still helps clear my skin, which still breaks out even at my age.

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