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Anyone looking for reasonably priced custom artwork for their nursery?


I'm a local artist who resides in NE Houston and I'm looking to start selling my custom paintings on Etsy.  I would like to have a couple more examples of themes I can paint so I am offering a 16" x 20"painting for a discounted rate of $60. I would like to create paintings with the following themes: Fairy, Ballerina, Strawberry Shortcake, Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, Princess theme, Noah's Ark, Sports Theme, Sponge Bob or Thomas the Train. I will also incorporate your child's name into the painting. Since the painting is custom, you can also choose the main colors if you like. I can email photo examples of some paintings I completed recently if anyone is interested. I am also open to other themes if it is something that is popular/well known. Please reply if interested with your theme and I will sketch something for you for free. Thank you.

Re: Anyone looking for reasonably priced custom artwork for their nursery?

  • I am looinking for pictures for our LO's nursery, her theme is Hello Kitty and damask design, Her name is Jenna Iris and we would love pink or hot pink no baby pink please and maybe a yellow. i am open to creative ideas. some samples would be appreciated. [email protected] TIA
  • Hi there, Is this offer still available? If so I would love to talk to you about it. My theme is pink and brown with Fleur de Lis. I was going to have to hand paint like 30 stencils of the Fleur de Lis in the next few weeks but if this is still open, holy cow I want to go this route! Please email me at: [email protected] please feel free to send me some photos and we can discuss. Thanks! ~S
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  • I've added my sketch for Jenna to my photos, as well as examples of my work. I also sent an email to the email address you provided but thought I would add the sketch to my photos in case my emails went to bulk email. The name, flowers and dress on Hello Kitty can be hot pink but that's pretty bright for a background color so I would probably have to do a lighter pink and I might be able to make the background have a simple damask design. The sketch is pretty simple but the painting would be much more vibrant. Let me know if you are still interested. Thanks. :)
  • Hello Sunday, Yes, the offer is still available. The offer is on a 16" x 20" canvas painting. I'm not sure if you were interested in a canvas painting from your post. Sounds like you are planning on doing a border or mural. I have done murals before but I am currently mostly interested in doing canvas paintings at the moment. Fleur de Lis is less detailed than painting characters and would take me less time to paint so I may be able to do a canvas painting for you for a lower price. I will email you some photos of my work and we can discuss additional details. My email address is [email protected]. I have also added examples of my artwork to my Bump profile. I believe you can view them if you click on my avatar but I will still email you the photos. Thank you for your interest.
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