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Moving ?!?

Hey ya'll,

My hubby and I are at ft sill for some schooling, we found out we were expecting on veterans day, and it was a complete surprise. We have another move coming up in april... any advice on how to handle moving while being preggers and what to do at a new post as far as doc's ect?

 I guess im trying not to panic lol this isnt our first move but it just seems more stressful when you add a babe into the mix...

 <3 Allie

Re: Moving ?!?

  • I don't know if you usually move yourselves or hire movers, but this time around definitely get the movers. When they deliver your stuff, unpack slowly and enlist as much help as you can. It will all get done eventually. 

    As for finding a new doc - are you on Prime or Standard? If you're on Prime, you'll have to find out who your new PCM is. They'll send you a letter after you in-process, but it can take a month or so, so go to the Tricare office and see if they can tell you who your PCM will be. You'll have to make an appt and see him/her to confirm pregnancy again (stupid, I know, but I've had friends have to do this at 34 weeks even) and then get a new referral to the OB clinic on post (if they have one) or to a civilian. 

    If you're on standard, pick a network OB you want to see (ask here or on your local board for recommendations, if you want) and make an appointment.  

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  • Awesome, thank you for this info. I think that for the move im more just concerned with making sure all the stuff is put in place before im too big to really want to be unpacking anything lol. But thank you for the info as far as the docs and stuff ill have to make sure we get all that squared away right after we get there.

    <3 Allie

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  • Don't stress about getting the baby's room put together.  Baby will probably spend very little time in there for the first couple of months.  Take it easy and just do it little by little.  
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