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When did your kids start using adult silverware?

I am on a mission to buy more adult spoons tomorrow.  We have too many "baby" spoons.  Those crappy plastic take & toss ones.  They are no longer good for anyone in our house.  I think we have 12-16 teaspoons and we need more.  If we have soup for dinner, half of our spoons are dirty (or maybe a third)!

We have forks that are bearly, but smaller than the real ones so those are never an issue.

When did your kid start using adult silverware?

Re: When did your kids start using adult silverware?

  • Somewhere around age 3, I think.
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  • Probably around 4-5 years. I don't even remember. My 2.5 yo insists on only using "baby" silverware. My 6 yo uses adult silverware.
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  • We only used baby silverware when I spoonfed them. When they started using a spoon or fork on their own, they used the regular silverware.
  • DS has preferred adult silverware for a few months now.

    I usually give him salad forks though because they're easier to deal with but still look like our forks. He is fine with regular spoons.

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  • DS and DD use both adult and kid spoons. All of their kid spoons are metal though, the handles just have decor on them. I threw away all of the plastic ones a couple years ago.
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  • DS prefers adult silver wear currently. I have a butt load of plastic baby ones still that I try to get him to use.
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  • We just got the lunchbox sets from PBK that are bigger than baby-sized, but smaller than adult-sized.  They are good for DD who is really dangerous with utensils.  DS is 4 and uses whatever we offer him. 
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  • DS1 was 3 or so, DS2 uses adult spoons if the kid ones are dirty. ikea has some great kid sized silverware.
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  • DD1 uses adult silverware about half of the time now and she's 3. She would probably use it more often but she gets upset if her and DD2 don't have the exact same things at the table. I don't think DD2 is ready for adult forks and spoons yet.
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  • 18 months. DS2 refused anything else. It's been fine.
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