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Best place to buy EOs?

I guess I should start off with an intro...
My name is Liz and I have a DD that is 5 months. We cloth diaper and EBF. I am really trying to eliminate chemicals in my house one by one. We are also making a good effort towards real foods :

My question today is though, what is the best place to buy essential oils online? I'm talking most bang for your buck, but also good quality.
I also apologize if this comes out as all one paragraph, bumping from my phone! TIA!

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Re: Best place to buy EOs?

  • Check out for reviews. I buy aura cacia from vitacost because I cant spend the money for do terra or young living.
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  • I'm not really sure if they have the best prices or not, but I buy mine from Mountain Rose Herbs online. I also get my sweet almond oil, witch hazel, and aloe vera from there (and I know they have good prices on those). I tried Amazon initially but thought the selection was kind of weird.
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  • I buy mine off of amazon prime.  Great prices, great selection.  As far as best quality - DoTerra is the best of the best, but it's EXPENSIVE.
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  • Hey all, I buy dōTERRA essential oils at 25% off plus earn free oils because I have a membership! They truly are the best quality in the world today and can be very cost efficient if you sign up. Memberships are free and there is no obligation to buy or sell oils with them. Email or PM me if you want more info! :)
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  • Rain Shadow Labs has a great selection and is pretty competitive on price.
  • Young Living--you can become a distributor and only have to spend $50 a year to keep your distributorship. However my membership ran out and I was thinking of trying Rocky Mountain oils. Make sure you use a good quality therapeutic grade oil if you plan on ingesting or rubbing on your skin.
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  • I buy my Aura Cacia oils from amazon. They're cheaper and work just as well as any other expensive oil.
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  • Not all oils are safe to ingest so I would be very careful and read up on the brand that you do decide to buy. I use Young Living Oils and though it seems that it is expensive up front, you get 11 oils to start out with, plus a diffuser and some samples. I thought the $150 was a lot but I also have not had to pay copays to take my kids to the dr because the oils have kept us healthy. If you break it down, without the diffuser you are getting the oils for less than $14 a bottle. If you factor in the $75 diffuser you get with the kit then you are getting the oils for really cheap, cheaper than Amazon. 

    If you want more details on why I chose Young Living, please message me. I sell Young Living and have a free book that I will send you if you get the Premium Starter Kit for $150. 
  • VitaCost or
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  • I get mine from Great prices for pure therapeutic grade oils. 
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  • I just started using doTERRA oils too! So far I really like them.
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