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Naked Part II

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Day 1 did not go well in our house. 

Let the boy run loose, literally, and he was okay at heading to the potty.  Would sit for 1/3 of a second, jump off and promptly pee somewhere on the carpet.  In our closet.  In the living room (multiple times). In his toy room (multiple times). 

At first I tried him on just the toilet seat thingy.  Around noon we brought out a little potty chair... that seemed to get his attention better.

Afternoon I put some Pull Ups on (wasn't going to do that) and he was excited for "big boy diapers" and now he's been crashed for over 2 hours.

Very stressful day in the BB household.  Sigh!  He's trying so hard to understand what we want him to do.. the little light is just not coming on yet. 



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Re: Naked Part II

  • That sucks! It will eventually click. I'm just glad I have no more boys to pt. glass of wine tonight for BB.

    If it makes you feel better l once held it for 12 hours because he he was fighting me on it. He didn't want to use the potty as much as I wanted him too. He trained eventually, but his aim has never been great. 

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    Ugh! My least favorite topic.  He will get it, but honestly, be prepared for more stress.  DS only figured out we were serious after 3 days when we took away toys, but we had him fully dressed and he went potty every 30 minutes or so.  Pullup went on at naptime and at night (and now we are using up what we have, but he is dry at night.)  DH did this with him, as he is still home, and he was very stressed until he had success.   Good luck!!
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  • I did the three day boot camp with DD. She was naked, corralled in the living room with her toys and the kiddy potty. We did not go anywhere else. I also kept her crazy hydrated TO make her pee more, so we could get the habit down.

    Day 1: She had to sit on the potty every 10 min.  She didn't have to DO anything, just sit.  Everything she sat, she got a sticker. At 5 stickers, she got a strawberry.  If she went, even a trickle, she would get a sour GUMMI bear (most favorite thing in the whole world).  Would also make a huge deal out of going.  I mean HUGE! Tons of praise.  

    I also kept my eye on her the entire time (boring). If she even LOOKED like she was going to "go" I IMMEDIATLY put her on the potty and PRAISED HER for going on the potty (even though she leaked all over the place and me).  

    Day 2: We started out at 15 minute intervals and by the afternoon were up to 30 min intervals.  Again, eagle eyes on her at all times.

    She had one poop accident that went down her legs and absolutely disgusted her.  She told me that she would never do that again and only had ONE poop accident  after that (she didn't get it all out on the potty and 5 minutes later, while playing, lost it). 

    Day 3: started out at 30 min intervals and went up to 40. She was still naked becuase it was easier for her to get to the potty on her own.  

    By the end of day 3, she was going on her own before her interval was up.  After that, we kept her naked from the bottom down for the next couple of weeks becuase the only accidents she would have we're becuase she couldn't get her pants down fast enough.


  • Just remember to "DO what works"...  If the pullups are making things easier, that's the way to go...  Reinforce the moving up to big boy undies if he doesn't have any accidents.  Don't be afraid of the think underware and rubber pants.. 

    What we did was as soon as Daycare would start the process we followed right along with them. It made things so much less frustrating with DD..

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  • I haaaaaate PTing. Hate hate hate it. I would offer some words of encouragement, but 8 months in and it still stresses me out.
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