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A few quesitons

I have been on and off this board a bit for over a year, so if you don't remember my story I am 36 my DH is 34. We married in May of 2011 and started to try in August 2011.  I have been to the OB/GYN to get a primary look and a referral for the next step.  We found out the RE is just out of our price range for now. We are quickly trying to pay off lots of bills so we can create more with the RE. We are still trying but can't do much that requires money. 

So to the questions: 

When temping I have been getting up every few hours to use the restroom lately. It makes it so that I don't get more than 2.5 hours of sleep at a time and so I can't take a temp after 4 hours of sleep. My bathroom trips are not on any kind of schedule either so if I was to take them before I went the times would be all funky. Anyone else have this issue?

Two: I have a hard time getting rid of stress. I know that this is a major problem when ttc. Anyone have a tip or seven for how to get rid of stress?  I hold it mostly in my back and shoulders. 

Any comments are welcomed.


Re: A few quesitons

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    Hi Geekywife,

     I know what you mean about the stress with the TTC journey....

    In regards to your  temps and getting up to use the restroom.  I have the same problem, but I usually just get up and go... then, go back to sleep and wake up at my normal tempting time and take it.  Do you use Fertility Friend to store your temps and all?  They have a great Q&A section for these type of questions that really help.  It is located on the left hand side under My Chart area.  I looked up this exact question and it told me to use the normal time one and to look at the big picture of my chart  to see my patterns.  If, I think that I am not going to fall back asleep, then I will take my temp at the time I wake up, but try not to do this.

    To stress, yoga is great, but since you know yourself....what are the things that you like to do, ie; reading, exercising, watching smut on TV, crafting, baking or whatever you can think that relaxes you and that you don't think of TTC stuff.....

    I use to be very on edge and at times, I still do it, but I try to watch out for that and just take some deep breaths and roll my neck and get back to the things that relax me and or take my mind off of any stresses....

    Hope this helps and good luck to you!  :)

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    Good suggestions here,I would also suggest a massage, it would help you quickly relieve stress and great addition to yoga, or t'chi or qigong, all are great for the body and mind

    My Ovulation Chart

    Me: 41 DH: 46. We are TTC our 1st, started July '11,
    3 cycles clomid with Ob,
    1 cycle Tamoxifen with Ob,
    Diagnosed PCOS 11/5/12
    clomid, trigger & timed bd 12/12 BFN
    1st clomid IUI 1/4/13 BFN.
    2nd clomid IUI 2/13 cancelled didn't respond to clomid.
    3/15/13 scheduled laparoscopy & on bcp.

    May 10 IUI from injectibles - BFN 

    May 22 done with interventions it will either happen or it won't. 

    February 2014 No longer actively trying, but not preventing. 

    SURPISE BFP 4/2/2015!!!!!!!!!!

    Miscarriage 4/23/15


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    Maybe you should try cutting out fluids around 8pm or so.  Even if it's just for a few nights you might find that you won't have to get up multiple times during the night and allow you a chance to sleep at least 4 hours.  I know other women who have problems with sleeping have had the same frustration as you.

    As with the stress, massages might help with loosening up those back and shoulder muscles (which is also where I hold tension).  If you find the right person, the experience will be relaxing as well.  I've had friends rave about hot stone massages.


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    I get up once or twice per night to go to the bathroom.  I just do it but try to get back in bed as fast as possible and then take my temp at my regular waking time.

    As for stress it looks like you have some good answers.  I don't have any help for you with that.  Good luck!

    Me: 40 Dh: 41, TTC since August 2009, began Acupuncture and Herbs Sept 2011, began Temping and Charting Nov 2011. image
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