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Postpartum Depression


I have always had depression issues, ever since I can remember!  And I've taken meds for it most of my life.  When I got pregnant the first time, I happened to not be on anything.  I was worried throughout my whole pregnancy that I'd meltdown at any moment, but I ended up being the happiest prego ever! I shocked everybody! :)


Well after I had my sweet girl, it all came crashing down...HARD!  I had AWFUL post partum!  I tried 5 different kinds of meds & combinations of meds to try to get me back to normal. Well I finally got back to normal on Cymbalta.  It's been almost 2 years since I've been on it, & my dr has weened me off of it a  couple of times, but apparently I'm super crazy & I end up having to get right back on it.


Well...we are currently TTC.  I'm still on my cymbalta.  I have my first Dr's appt to make sure alls good on Feb 4, & I plan on talking to him about getting off the cymbalta again.  Problem is, I'm EXTREMELY WORRIED about coming off of it.

 #1...I ALWAYS get sick when my dosage lowers....migraines, vomit

#2...I was EXTREMELY MEAN when I wasn't on anything before the cymbalta...throwing things at my husband for not answering me quickly enough...breaking his phone when he didn't text me back quick enough. I was AWFUL!!! And I literally couldn't control myself!


I don't want either of those things to happen again! especially #2!!!!!!

I guess my questions are, do yall know of any crazy meds that are ok to take while pregnant? that wont hurt baby???

and any pointers on coming off the meds? without getting sick???


Lovey Dovey

Re: advice!

  • thanks!
    Lovey Dovey
  • I'm pregant and take Zoloft and Wellbutrin.  Both were approved by my doctor before we tried to conceive.
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  • If you don't mind me asking, what was your diagnosis before the pregnancy? Prozac has allot of research behind it; as does Zoloft. However, none of these types of meds are totally ok. Some just come with less risk than others. Doctors choose to prescribe them when the benefits out weight the risk. In your case, you may be totally miserable without anything. You have been on multiple meds; so you you know how they effect you. I'd recommend discussing your options with your OB doctor. Many psychiatrist do not want to prescribe any meds to pg women.
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